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Op Ed: EC Madness, An Athlete’s Perspective

October 23 was EC Madness and if you weren’t an athlete you probably weren’t there so you probably don’t know what happened. Here’s the inside scoop to EC Madness from an athlete’s perspective.

I am a freshman on the men’s cross country team and I had no idea of what EC Madness was except for the tales told of Midnight Madness from upperclassmen.  The mystique of the madness remained until an hour before the event.

The different Emmanuel sports teams were paired up into six different color-titled teams:

  • White team – Men’s Cross Country and Track & Field and Women’s Soccer
  • Black team – Men’s Volleyball and Women’s Softball
  • Green team – Men’s Golf and Women’s Lacrosse
  • Blue team – Men’s Lacrosse and Women’s Volleyball
  • Yellow team – Men’s Soccer and Women’s Basketball
  • Red team – Men’s Basketball and Women’s Cross Country and Track & Field

Sadly, club teams like Ultimate Frisbee, Sailing, and Men’s Baseball were not included in this.

Being on the Men’s Cross Country team I got to wear the least creative color, white.  Arriving at the gym an hour ahead of time, I found a few athletes puttering about and a lonesome-looking Halo.  All the bleachers had hundreds of these blue and yellow pompoms on a stick.

Soon, most of the athletes had reluctantly arrived.  We were told to go into the locker room and we would be called out at the start of the event.  As a cross country runner, I have never been in the locker room before and it would have been much nicer if there were not 6 men’s sports teams in there.  To give some perspective, I am 5’4” and 110 pounds, all the other athletes were at least 6 inches taller than me and at least 50 pounds heavier than me and all of them would be strong enough to bench two of me.  All the male athletes whooped, hollered, and gleefully punched one another.  For being male, I could not tell you what occurred in the women’s locker room.

For reasons unbeknown to me, we no longer decided to stay in the locker room and moved to the bleachers.  It was now 8:00 pm, the official start time to EC Madness, and dozens of fans were there.  An area of miscommunication was what exactly the fans were supposed to do.  The fans that came were supposed to come wearing the color of the team they wanted to support and sit with that team.  

My team had two fans. 

It started with the lights out and a multi color spot light shining on the teams as they were introduced.  The teams when introduced would yell and chant things like “white team” or “I believe that we will win” even though we all knew going into this the blue team would win.

The rest of the night was a series of events pitting teams against each other.  The first event was musical chairs.  Fans and the teams participated, going around in circles, fighting for that last chair.  On the last round to determine the winner, every team rushed the court much to the dismay of the announcer.

I decide to partake in the next event, tricycle races.  The race was down the basketball court and back handing off the tricycle every half court.  My team started strong for the first half of the race while the other team fell, repeatedly.  I got the tricycle for the second leg.  I am a small person but that tricycle was tiny, I couldn’t fit my legs under the handle bars.  I couldn’t peddle so I used my legs to drag myself to my teammate on the third leg never falling.  We won our race but the rules changed during the second round and you were allowed to push so with that unfair advantage the other teams were able to beat us.

There were several more events through the night such as dizzy basketball lay-ups, then everyone takes off their shoes and throws them in the middle of the court and then runs to get theirs, and then lastly tug of war.  Eeven though I became more and more apparent that blue team was going to win the crowd (of mostly athletes) continued to cheer.  I was jumping up and down on those bleachers waving my pompoms and screaming my lungs out while many other people took Snapchats of me.

The last event was tug of war.  Again we were all sure blue team would win but none the less we played.  The obvious teams won the first round leaving the blue team and the black team, the only team that would have a chance at beating blue team.  I cheered for my black team comrades and they almost won but sadly the blue team won.  Thus making blue team the grand winner of the night with the prize of their name on a plaque.

EC Madness ended by 10:00 with everyone leaving and many of us without a voice.  EC Madness may have been slightly disorganized and lacking of fans but it wasn’t the worst way to spend a Friday night.

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