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New Club on Campus: Her Campus Emmanuel

Emmanuel College welcomes a variety of new clubs this semester, including Her Campus, an online community for female college students. The Emmanuel Chapter of Her Campus is run by Samantha Martin ’17 who brought Her Campus to Emmanuel last year, and has just secured its position as an official club on campus this semester.

Her Campus, the online site which now has over 230 chapters around the country, was created by three Harvard students as a business project during their senior year. The project was such a success that they kept rolling with it and are now the number one online community for college women with a whole team behind them creating new chapters and holding events through their headquarters in Allston, MA.

With all the benefits of being part of an organization like Her Campus, The Hub wanted to know why Sammy had decided to go before the SGA to request club status.

“Even though we were already under the Her Campus umbrella, we really wanted to be under Emmanuel’s guidance too.” said Martin. “‘Emmanuel’ is in our name, so we obviously want to represent them in the best light. I think also being associated with the SGA gives us a lot of opportunities. We’re able to apply for funding; we can have their help in advertising and things like that. So I really just wanted that partnership to utilize all of the resources that Emmanuel offers to clubs.”

Her Campus plans to use the money granted to the by the SGA to organize a number of unique events on campus, and has already done so within the few weeks since gaining club status. Her Campus was given special funding from the SGA to put on a breast cancer awareness event called Kiss the Canvas on Tuesday, October 27th.

An at-home beauty company called BeautyLynk was brought in to the JYCCL, and they held a number of cosmetic activities including a braid bar, a lipstick fortune teller, a blush station. After students got their lipstick done they were given the choice to literally kiss a canvas and donate a dollar to the cause.

Since this event was geared towards women, as not every man is comfortable enough with his masculinity to have his lipstick done, there was also a bake sale held by Her Campus during the event, giving everyone the opportunity to donate towards the cause.

Sammy wanted to make it clear that Her Campus is not exclusive to women, though the club and the online community itself do cater to the needs of women. “We definitely are very welcoming of men; a lot of our articles are not strictly for women…We are definitely not exclusive to women.”

Starting out by kicking off Emmanuel’s first beauty event, Her Campus is definitely one of the new clubs to look out for on campus. Samantha’s goal for the club include organizing more new events on campus, and posting unique content, “Just really fun pieces that give people a break from studying and a break from their lives.” Best of luck Sammy!

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