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“Big Man on Campus” A Big Success

Thursday, November 12, the Emmanuel College Planning Board hosted the “Big Man on Campus” event.

There were nine contestants; Peter Donato ’17, Chris Baglivi ’17, Dan Chadwick ’18, Sal Zarana ’18, Wojciech Kopacz ’17, Keith Becker ’17, Tim Furtado ’18, Tommy Nguyen ’19, Tony Cibelli ’17.

The event was hosted by John Sisinni ’18 and Alyssa Taubert ’16. All the proceeds made from BMOC, which totaled $1,012.72, went to breast cancer research.

There were four competitions; pickup lines, sportswear competition, a talent show, and a formal wear Q & A session.

Pickup lines were all pre-approved but still thrilled the crowd. Peter Donato wooed with, “Do you have God’s number? Because he’s missing an angel.” A fan favorite was from Chris Baglivi who simply said, “hey.”

Up next was sportswear. Each contestant dressed how they would for their respective sport/gym session.

Correction: it was Tommy, not Ty, who was missed in the last set of photos.

After a brief intermission, which marked the end of when students would be able to donate and participate in the raffle, it was time for contestants to showcase their talents.

Next was the Q&A session. The questions were written by the contestants and selected at random. Contestants were escorted out onto the stage by someone who was meaningful to them. Most picked lifelong friends or great Emmanuel friends.

Tony Cibelli was a crowd favorite when he came out with his mother as his escort. Mrs. Cibelli is a soon to be breast cancer survivor. The two received a standing ovation.

While the judges tallied up the scores, the EC Dance Team performed, accompanied by contestant Tommy Nguyen. Two raffle winners were picked next. Alexa Simeone won two Bruins tickets and another student won two Celtics tickets.

The winner of the “Fan Favorite” award was Peter Donato. “Mr. Congeniality” was Chris Baglivi. Second runner up was Dan Chadwick and first runner up was Tommy Nguyen.

The winner of BMOC was Tony Cibelli.

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