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SGA Wrap-Up: November 17th, 2015

The general assembly heard special funding requests and a final vote on changes to the SGA Constitution – including a change to procedure of the committee designated to ratify it.

The Hub was first in line to request $26 for the renewal of its domain and the motion was approved. No one’s making a stake on our claim this year.

The Biology Club sought funds in the amount of $310 to purchase promotional materials which they will award to students at future club fairs. The motion was approved.

EC Acapocalypse requested $800 to rent a sound system for its next endeavor, a winter showcase to benefit Emmanuel’s Dance Marathon event. The rig will include microphones, speakers, lighting and a professional live mixer. The motion was approved.

The History Club, receiving a nomination for Club Spotlight by Harry Potter Club at the last meeting, presented to the board and discussed trips to Washington D.C as well as a walk along the Boston Freedom Trail. They were followed by a talk led by Emily Larkin, President of the lauded Model United Nations Club, who discussed the results of participating in a recent conference. The Northeast Regional Modern Arab League conference, a mock U.S and Arab relations council for students interested in political diplomacy, saw Emmanuel students take home two “outstanding” awards and a team delegation award for their performances.

Ms. Larkin said she was looking forward to upcoming panels like the Harvard National Model United Nations conference, U of Chicago’s MUN conference and simulation crisis talks in a model European Union. Before returning to her seat, Emily explained the difference of atmosphere in each. Ideas for adaptation are paramount to crisis simulations, while Model United Nations conferences have a central focus.

Next, the SGA began a final discussion of long-awaited changes to its constitution, including a newly implemented SGA office hour system per operation of the “You Can Book Me” appointment system. Other changes addressed by the Constitutional Committee set to a vote included:

  • Ratifying the language in the “Authority” clause,
  • Ratifying the language within the SGA Position Appointment Committee to reflect current practices post-elections,
  • A change to Duties and Powers concerning e-mail notices of funding requests received by other senators, which were called “unnecessary” by Finance Jeff due to the addition of “another email.” Jeff also said the courtesy of at least 24 hour notice for clubs to change figures in their special funding request once submitted is reasonable based on current habits, omitting the need for him as Finance Director to send up-to-date e-mails if they were not accurate. A motion was eventually scrapped for the day.
  • A change to the certain number of hours (2) senators must make themselves available for appointments weekly.
  • Future, redundant changes can be made at discretion of Constitution Committee, especially in the event of single word changes to language.

But Adviser to the SGA Dan Darcy opposed the means to do so. “Why would this have to be voted on as an amendment?” he said. “Grammar and format can change the meaning of a sentence.”

Class of 2016 President Anastasia Yogas said that due protections can be written into the new clause, making a later motion to ensure that protection is guaranteed before the Committee is given more autonomy.

$2,712.41 remains in the special funding budget for this semester; the last hours to special fund for fall were due by 5 PM that afternoon.

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