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An Attempted Discussion on Ferguson, One Year Later

Jeffrey Smith, Jr., Director of Multicultural Programs, attempted to gather the Emmanuel community on November 24 for the one year anniversary of the College’s open forum regarding the racial violence in Ferguson, Missouri.

Attendance at the discussion was scarce, with only staff members Amma Marfo, and Daniel Darcy, and Professor Fiona McDonnell in attendance.

The conversation was focused on the experience of students of color at Emmanuel College.

Smith and Marfo spoke optimistically about changes that will be taking place on the Emmanuel College campus, such as upcoming cultural competency training for faculty and staff.

Professor McDonnell referenced her experience at other institutions such as Revere College, which had cultural competency and inclusivity programs available for faculty and staff. She emphasized the importance of these programs in educating faculty who oftentimes are unaware of their unconscious biases and how personally they can affect students.

Smith was disappointed in the low turnout for the event, despite having had a flyer posted on campus for over a week. He stated that the discussion would be rescheduled following Thanksgiving Break in order to give students another opportunity to speak on their personal experiences with issues of race and inclusivity over the course of the last year.

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