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Lockdown on the Lord: Keeping Baby Jesus Safe

In previous years, the baby Jesus statuette in the Nativity scene on the quad has been vandalized and this year, campus security is taking extra measures to ensure it stays in place.

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In 2013, an EC student and two other students from Wentworth Institute of Technology stole the Jesus statuette from
the nativity scene on the quad. According to the Campus Safety incident report from that night, “The individuals apparently used a cutting tool to remove the statuette from the Nativity, as it had been secured with a cable-locking device.” The statuette was later returned to the scene the following night.

However, Father John Spencer decided to keep it in his office after discovering it had been “desecrated.” According to a separate Campus Safety incident report, “individual(s) used a black magic marker to write a satanic sign, 666, on the forehead and a racist slur.” Photos of said vandalism were withheld from student access. The student responsible for vandalizing the statuette told officers that it was a lapse in judgement and this student intended on giving other EC students something to laugh about.

This year Campus Safety and Facilities have increased security measures on the Nativity scene by changing the angle of the JYC cameras to point directly on the display. According to Officer Morse, “facilities has tied down a cable around baby Jesus and the only way to steal him is to take the entire manger.”

Facilities’ response to security measure this year are, “We are concerned about publicizing the security we have in place to protect the baby Jesus. We’re worried that it will put the idea into someone’s head about how to steal the baby Jesus.”

In previous years the students responsible for the theft and vandalism were identified through security cameras. Campus security has denied any allegation of there being a GPS system inside of the baby Jesus statuette.

As for Campus Mission and Ministry, they hope there are good security measures in place. Campus Minister Tony Krzmarzizk states, “I hope that students can have a reverence and respect for the significance of the manger scene.”

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