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SGA Wrap Up: February 9, 2016

The SGA meeting held on February 9 fostered a heated discussion about changes to the new Treasurer’s Handbook and it was the main focal point of the meeting.

The meeting began with Special Funding requests. The Asian Student Association special funded for $610.80 for transportation to the East Coast Asian American Student Union conference. The Black Student Union special funded for the right to two films 4 Little Girls and Dark Girls totaling $750 ($375 per film). The Corner Pocket requested $200 total for tournament prizes ($150) and new ping pong paddles ($50). History Club special funded for $100 for a prize for their trivia night and $200 to buy club swag.

All clubs’ requests were approved. $20,639.20 remains in the Special Funding budget.

The Constitution Committee presented the changes made to the Treasurer’s Handbook, which was a hot-button issue last semester with the proposed inclusion of a new amendment that would lower the percentage the SGA funds for hotel rooms.

This proposal was removed from the new handbook and will be discussed again at a later date.

The roll-over of funds for classes was removed except for the current senior class. With this removal, about $3,500 was lost overall for each class. This loss could remove popular events from senior week.

A motion was made to raise the percentage of money the senior class takes out of the Student Activities Fund from the current 10 percent to 12 percent per semester. This was countered with 11 percent per semester. After a vote, the increase to 11 percent passed and was added to the Treasurer’s Handbook. This increase will make up for the money lost from the removal of the roll-over system for future classes.

All of the financial procedures have also been removed from the SGA Constitution except for the Activities Fee procedure. These financial procedures have been added to the Treasurer’s Handbook.

It was also added to the Treasurer’s Handbook that any pending requests from the Finance Committee would be shared with the Senate 24 hours before the Finance Committee meeting in question.

After all the new additions were discussed there was a motion to approve the new Treasurer’s Handbook. This motion did not pass and has been tabled until elections have been held and vacant seats are filled.

Dr. Rissmeyer discussed the two snow days that have taken place this semester and went over the process for deciding if there will be a snow day. Rissmeyer cited that the commuter population as well as the integrity of the academic program are taken into consideration. Other COF schools are also consulted but unless there is a government declares a travel ban, the final decision is up to Emmanuel.

Dan Darcy reminds students that the Academic Expo is Thursday the 11 from 12PM to 2PM in the Auditorium.

Abigail Matheson is the Editor in Chief of The Hub. She can be contacted at and on Twitter @abbimathy.

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