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SGA Wrap Up: February 16, 2016

This week’s SGA meeting had a packed schedule including a discussion of the proposed Julie Hall construction facilitated by Treasurer Sister Anne Donovan.

Sister Anne was not present at the start of the SGA meeting.

Club Spotlight was passed to Acapocalypse. Last semester, they partnered with EC Dance Marathon to raise $750.00 at their Winter Showcase. Acapocalypse is also headed for the ICCA’s again this year. The competition will take place this Saturday, Feb 2o.

With the arrival of special funding requests came the news that the special funding budget had dropped almost 10 thousand dollars. This amount was apparently “lost in the shuffle” of Amma Marfo’s departure last semester. The special funding number should have been $12,000 at the start of the semester.

The sole special funding request came from Film Club to help with the cost of a bus for their upcoming New York City trip. The club requested $345 dollars to cover the costs of having to find an outside bus company for the trip.

$9,794.20 is left in special funding.

Up next on the agenda was Sister Anne’s discussion on Julie Hall however she had not yet arrived.

Dan Darcy again expressed the importance of emailing him with weekend events. Emails must be sent in by the Tuesday before the weekend event. Dr. Rissmeyer also encourages clubs to take advantage of the EC Weekends flyer to show students that there are events on the weekends.

Final elections are currently taking place. The polls for those will close Thursday Feb 17 at 5PM.

Sister Anne arrived at 12:30PM, the beginning of her time slot in the SGA meeting. Sister Anne ran over her allotted 20 minutes to answer student questions. She brought with her other members of the Treasury Board and Susan Benzie of Residence Life and Housing.

Editor’s Note: Because of the detail and discussion that took place, a separate article will be written solely on the Julie Hall discussion. Find it here. For more information, check out @ECtheHUB@ECStudentGov, and #JulieHall for live tweets of the discussion.

Following Sister Anne’s Julie Hall discussion was the voting on new clubs. There were five in attendance, Italian Club, Greek Club, Emmanuel Peace Action, Cape Verdean Student Association, and Art Club. All of these clubs were voted into being and will be holding events in the near future.

Abigail Matheson is the Editor in Chief of The Hub. She can be contacted at and on Twitter @abbimathy.

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