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SGA Wrap Up: March 1, 2016

The March 1 SGA meeting marked the approval of the new Treasurer’s Handbook.

Club Spotlight was handed to Club Field Hockey this week. They have grown exponentially over the past few years with more and more freshmen joining. During their fall season they play several D1 and D2 colleges around New England. Currently, they are beginning their indoor 6v6 tournament in South Boston. They pass the Club Spotlight onto the Baseball Club.

Special funding featured four requests from three clubs, the Black Student Union and the new Cape Verdean Student Association (CVSA). The BSU requested $13 for thank-you cards to give to alumni and guests of their Black Freedom Discussion. They also requested $48 to pay for part of their passes to go to an African American museum. Both requests were approved in full.

The CVSA requested $263 to host their first event. The Finance Committee recommended $203. The event on March 24 will include a tasting of foods from Cape Verde. The new recommended amount was approved.

Youth in Government requested $28 for a new vinyl banner featuring their new logo. They hope to have this banner in time for the next EC Incoming (Accepted Students Day) in April. Their request was approved in full.

The new special funding number stands at $9,502.20.

Dan Darcy asked students who are traveling or going somewhere fun for Spring Break to get an Emmanuel Pennant from OSAMP as a part of “Saints Scanning the Globe.” He also reminded students to have a safe Spring Break.

Dr. Rissmeyer commend the BSU for their comprehensive Black History Month.

Dr. Brenda Hawkes explained that the Healthy Minds survey will help the Counseling Center get a better understanding of the EC student body in relation to mental illness. It is also a part of a larger national survey to gauge mental health on college campuses.

Hawkes then asked members of the SGA what they thought some of the mental health struggles on campus were. Members listed stress, homesickness, and the transition to college for first years and out of college for seniors.

The stigma of seeking counseling for mental illnesses was also brought up. Anastasia Yogas ’16 mentioned that it may be hard to know when to go to counseling if you have never needed it before.

The Healthy Minds survey will be released on March 15 following a notice about the survey on March 14. The survey will be available for three weeks following its release. The survey will help the Counseling Center gain a better understanding of how EC students perceive their work on campus. This data will help address future initiatives the Counseling Center has.

According to Hawkes, the survey will be completely anonymous. Students who participate will also be entered into a drawing for various prizes, both at Emmanuel and nationally.

Up next was a discussion on the proposed changes to the Treasurer’s Handbook. Concerns were raised about the language used to describe positions matching what is used in the Constitution.

Elijah Calvi ’18 voiced his concerns about the removal of a budgetary system. Calvi is worried that larger clubs will take advantage of a lack of budgets and increase their spending to take more money. This would leave less money for smaller clubs and spontaneous events throughout the semester.

Lindsay Cathcart ’17 countered with the fact that there is always extra money left over at the end of the semester that is not in budgets or unused by clubs. The removal of budgets would free up this unused money and allow all potential funds to be used before they are lost. Groups who go inactive for a semester would also not hold onto money they are not using.

After this discussion, Marcie Paez ’18 motioned for a vote. This led into a roll-call vote wherein the new Treasurer’s Handbook was passed. It will remain for two weeks following Spring Break before the final vote on March 15.

Fall SGA election packets are now available. They are due back on April 4 at 3pm in Denise Rugman’s office in the basement of St. Ann’s. There will also be two information sessions for those interested.

Abigail Matheson is the Editor in Chief of The Hub. She can be contacted at and on Twitter @abbimathy.

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