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Dancing with The EC Stars Held for Third Year

Once a year, six students and faculty members are chosen to show off their dance moves in what may be the most embarrassing, amusing, and meaningful night of their lives. This night is known as Dancing With the EC Stars, Emmanuel College’s twist on the hit television show. The event is put on to raise money for Dance Marathon, which is a nationwide movement to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

The night started off with an introduction from the hosts Kevin Farrell and Garrett Charette. Garrett was a previous winner of the competition and danced with his partner Carolyn Caveny. Both hosts shared their passion and excitement for the Dance Marathon program and how proud they are to say that $215,000 has been donated to the cause over the past 5 years. 

The Emmanuel College Dance Marathon (ECDM) Executive Group has put countless hours of time and effort into events such as Dancing with the EC Stars. Over the past three years, this event had raised $3,000 dollars, and tonight they ended up raising $5,619.51.

The hosts introduced the judges for the night consisting of last years winners Terra and Julian. Ms. Perry, who is known for working the St. Joe’s security desk, and finally Emily, Sara, and Mikayle representing Children’s Hospital.

The winning categories of the night were best dressed, most creative, best technique, most entertaining, best teamwork, and an overall winner.

Megan Malaby '17 Mike Buonocore start off the night off with some laughs

Megan Malaby ’17 and Loretto RD Mike Buonocore.

First up was Loretto Residence Director Mike Buonocore and Megan Malaby ’17 dancing Ballaz. Megan, who danced professionally until she was 16 years old, choreographed the dance and let her talent shine through. Apparently, their beautiful pink tutus weren’t enough to sway the judges, as they received a four, three, and a five. A couple of the judges weren’t entirely impressed, but this fun and humorous performance as the first dance of the night definitely got the crowd pumped up. Kevin Farrell commented on their performance saying, “dancing was okay, but the outfits are phenomenal.”

Next Lucianna Jean-Mary and Darren Cornell ’18 performed theatrical jazz choreographed by Alexandra Schroll ’16. Darren’s background in musical theater was noticeable as the crowd and judges were wooed by his impressive moves. The couple received a five, five, and four from the judges.

Following them was Christine Leighton and Rachel Blau ’17 dancing jazzy hip hop. Rachel, who has been dancing since she was 10 years old, choreographed the dance which was accompanied by a mix-up of three hit songs. The pair received three fives from the judges, which was the first perfect score of the night.

The next pair was Katie Bloor and Tyler Russ ’17 dancing hip tango. Tyler filled in only days before the competition due to a last minute drop out. Kevin was extremely pleased that Tyler was willing to step in, considering Katie was so excited and happy to be part of such a wonderful event. Referring to Tyler, Kevin stated, “When asked to perform in the possibly most embarrassing moment of his college career, he immediately said yes.” It was clear that a lot of effort was put into their dance, and the crowd absolutely loved it. Katie and Tyler received the second perfect score of the night.

Next to take the stage was Dorice Griffith and John Clay ’16 who danced an elegant merengue. Neither have a dancing background, but their dance was definitely the closest to an actual Dancing With the Stars performance. They also received a perfect score and one group of judges wanted to give them a six out of five.

Savannah Cardoso ’18 and Jonathan Ahern

Savannah Cardoso ’18 and Jonathan Ahern

The last performance of the night was Jonathan Ahern who graduated from Emmanuel in 2011, and Savannah Cardoso ’18 dancing jazumba hop. The dance was choreographed by Savannah who has been dancing her whole life. Their music compilation of songs, including the whip and nae nae and hit the quan, were definitely some crowd favorites. The audience cheered loudly for them and a portion of the bleachers was filled with friends and family members sporting blue “Jonathan and Savannah” t-shirts. They pair received a five, four, and a four from the judges.

The final results were:

Fan favorite: Jonathan and Savannah

Best dressed: Lucianna and Darren (wearing matching top hats, red ties, and black suspenders) 

Most creative: Jonathan and Savannah (who danced to a creative a compilation of hit songs)

Best technique: John and Dorice

Most entertaining: Michael and Megan

Best teamwork: Christine and Rachel 

Overall winner: Katie and Tyler

Tyler Russ ’17 and Katie Bloor

Tyler Russ ’17 and Katie Bloor

The night ended with Kevin Farrell speaking to the crowd about Emmanuel’s work with Dance Marathon and Boston Children’s Hospital. Sarah Kelly, one of the representatives from Boston Children’s Hospital also thanked the audience for their involvement in the cause.

Dance Marathon is only a few weeks away on March 19th, but Kevin announced that 89 percent of the goal has already been raised to reach their goal of $100,000. The ECDM executive group gasped with excitement and proceeded to do the moral dance, which was choreographed by Alexa LeGuyader ’17, the captain of Emmanuel’s dance team.

“Our goal is to raise at least $100,000 for the kids, and our second goal is to continue to be the number one Dance Marathon fundraiser in Boston and second best in New England,” Kevin stated as the audience loudly applauded. 

Olivia Cavalieri is a Staff Writer for The Hub. She can be contacted at

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