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#ECDM16 Achieves Six Figure Goal

March 19, 2016 marks the fifth year Dance Marathon has been held at Emmanuel.

In that time, Emmanuel College Dance Marathon (ECDM) has raised over $200,000. In the inaugural year of 2012 $18,587.51 were raised. In 2013 the group doubled their goal of $20,000 to raise $41,256.58. In 2014 the goal of $42,000 was beaten. $68,770.29 were raised. Last year ECDM made their goal $72,000. They raised over $90,861.05.

This year, the fundraising goal was $100,000. $120,609.97 was the final total revealed this morning at 10am. Present for the reveal were Dance Marathon participants and the Miracle kids and their families who will benefit from this donation.

This year’s Miracle kids were Brooke and her sister Taylor, Lucas, Lily, Hans, and twins Sophie and Maddie. Brooke and Taylor were present for the kick off of #ECDM16 along with Brooke’s mother who spoke. Sophie and Maddie’s mother came and spoke to participants in the morning during the fundraising reveal.

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This number was raised through donations and events, such as Dancing with the EC Stars, where ticket sales and raffles contributed to the goal amount.

Internal fundraiser Jenny Scarborough ’17 said that this year 458 people were registered online in the ‘donor drive.’ Of that, there were 53 teams of up to 12 people.

Dance Marathon is a zero budget event. All the raffle prizes, live music, food, and supplies are either purchased by the executive board or are donated.

Emmanuel College’s Dance Marathon is the highest fundraising Dance Marathon in Boston and is second in New England. They are beat out by the University of Connecticut, which is a much larger institution than Emmanuel.

Abigail Matheson is the Editor in Chief of The Hub. She can be contacted at and on Twitter @abbimathy.

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