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SGA Wrap Up: March 22, 2016

This week’s SGA meeting marks the official introduction of the new Treasurer’s Handbook, removing budgets from the financial proceedings of clubs.

Club Spotlight this week was EC Ultimate Frisbee. The group sees a large turnout at practices, 20 to 30 people on average. They are holding two frisbee related events later this semester featuring games like Kan Jam. The group passes on the spotlight to Emmanuel College EMS.

Up next was special funding. Youth in Government was present requesting $106 to pay for gavels and snacks for their upcoming Mock Congress event. There was discussion at the Finance Committee meeting about borrowing gavels from Model UN, however those gavels are given away as awards to members of the club. Funding was approved in full.

EC Math Club also requested $40 for a new banner for EC Incoming and other Club Fairs. Their request was approved.

Discussion then turned to the Treasurer’s Handbook. Members were limited to 45 seconds to make their point. Executive Director of Finance Jeff Zakrzewski ’17 brought up questions that were raised at the Council of Presidents meeting held the night before. The Corner Pocket asked how their payroll would be affected by this change; their salaries will be budgeted out at the beginning of the semester.

There was also a question about training club treasurer’s about the new handbook. This training will occur for current treasurer’s sometime this semester and for new treasurer’s at the Fall 2016 Training Day. Eric Cote ’18 suggested providing training for all e-board members on the new Treasurer’s Handbook so that everyone is up to date. Zakrzewski stated that he hoped presidents and treasurers would bring the information back to their clubs.

A motion to vote was taken, and a roll-call vote proceeded. Elijah Calvi ’18 was the only present SGA member to vote ‘no, with rights’ on the Treasurer’s Handbook. In the past, Calvi has openly opposed the changes that he believes will place the SGA in a poor financial situation.

The new Treasurer’s Handbook passes nonetheless.

Dan Darcy tells students that discounted movie tickets will be sold in the JYC this Thursday at 1pm for students who will be staying over Easter Weekend. He also reminds students of changes to Bon Appetit’s hours as well as those of the Cardinal Cushing Library.

Dr. Rissmeyer congratulates students who participated EC Dance Marathon this past weekend and helped to raise over $120,000.

Rissmeyer also asked SGA members what they thought of the decision to delay on Monday, March 21 instead of having a full snow day.

There was also some debate about whether or not to stop having a phone call as a part of notifying students about snow days/delays. MaryCatherine Dunne ’16 believes that students are prepared for a phone call in regards to a cancelation and have come to expect it. Other members liked having the phone call because it is usually the first and easiest notification they can see.

Further discussion was held about sending a ‘pre-warning’ to students the night before a potential snow day. This would notify students if there is consideration for a snow day/delay so that they can prepare accordingly. Several members thought this would be best depending on the severity of the winter.

Abigail Matheson is the Editor in Chief of The Hub. She can be contacted at and on Twitter @abbimathy.

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