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The Harlem Wizards Light Up The JYC

Devon "Livewire" Curry Dunking the basketball upside down

Devon “Livewire” Curry dunking the basketball upside down. Photo: Trevor Nataupsky ’19

On Thursday, March 31, the Harlem Wizards electrified the Jean Yawkey Center with their gravity-defying dunks and jaw-dropping tricks. This global phenomenon is a team of six incredibly skilled basketball players who love to put a smile on people’s faces. This week they helped raise money for the Mission Grammar school in Boston. They played teachers from Mission Grammar, Emmanuel College, and SB-Seaport Catholic in an exhibition game. All of the proceeds from the event was given to Mission Grammar.

At the core of this team is giving back to the community. Last year they raised over two million dollars for many different charities and this game was no different. Before the game, the team met with approximately 20 kids and gave them free posters that they then signed for them. They told the kids they have traveled to all 50 states and over 20 countries making all kinds of kids smile and laugh.

During the game, the Wizards used their classic “now you see it, now you don’t” passing to confuse the teachers and put on some fun alley oops. The kids in the crowd went crazy after every insane dunk or crazy half-court shot. They all looked like Stephen Curry from behind the 3-point line, sinking almost every shot that they put up. In the end the show was for the kids, so they put on a little Harlem Shake for the kids who attended.


The Wizards getting ready to do the Harlem Shake with all the kids. Photo: Trevor Nataupsky ’19

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One Response to The Harlem Wizards Light Up The JYC

  1. Mark

    April 4, 2016 at 2:16 pm

    SB-Seaport Catholic is a collaborative, not a school. “The Saints” consisted of staff and alumni from Emmanuel, Mission Grammar, and Cathedral High.