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Ashlee Jeannot ’17 and Eric Cote ’18 Form Joint Ticket for SGA Election

Ashlee & Eric

Taken with permission from “Vote Ashlee & Eric for SGA” Facebook page.

The 2016 SGA Election features a joint ticket for Executive President and Vice President. Ashlee Jeannot ’17 and Eric Cote ’18 have joined together to form this ticket with Jeannot running for Executive President and Cote running for Vice President.

The Hub sat down with Jeannot and Cote to discuss their decision to run together.

What are your years and majors?

Jeannot: I am a junior. I’m currently a double major in English Communications and Political Science.

Cote: I’m a sophomore, the class of 2018, and I’m studying Political Science with a concentration in American Government and Politics and minoring in Modern US History and I’m on a Pre-Law track.

Why do you think you are the best candidates for the positions of Executive President and Vice President?

Jeannot: I think during my time here at Emmanuel and my involvement, but even my involvement outside of SGA in extracurricular activities, I’ve noticed that there’s things that we’ve done well as a community but I think there’s also things that we need to work on. I believe I can bring something that’s different to the Student Government Association as President just from my experience of working with multi-cultural clubs and my experience working with other organizations off campus and on campus. It’ll bring something new to the SGA, which I think is instrumental in implementing change in the community at Emmanuel College.

Cote: I feel like I’m qualified because I’ve spent three semesters at the SGA. I feel like I’ve worked a lot with a lot of clubs on campus. I constantly work with other organizations that I’m the liaison to. I try to reach out to as many people as possible and solve as many problems as possible. The Vice President position that I’m in now, the class Vice President position, directly relates to the Executive Vice President so I already have what I feel like is a great knowledge of what I have to do next semester as well as I feel prepared because I’ve gotten to know so many people on campus and help in as many places as I possibly could.

Talk to me about why you’re running on a joint ticket. Why did you choose to do it? 

Jeannot: It’s kind of interesting. So, me and Eric are different politically but we get along very well and so in discussion like last semester, we were discussing potentially running individually and then the idea was like, well, why don’t we run together? We both want to see change in the SGA, we both worked hard within our positions and outside of SGA. We have different ideas that we want to bring.

Cote: I feel like, you know, this year especially I’ve noticed that we share a lot of the same ideas when it comes to what’s going on in the SGA. Ashlee’s one of the people on the SGA, you know, that I like working with in trying to make change. It’s really great that we get this opportunity to work together because we get to show what we’re going to do together and not a lot of people get the opportunity to do that.

What are the benefits of running together?

Cote: I don’t really necessarily think it’s about the benefits. I think it’s about really just showing the students at Emmanuel what this is all about, what really SGA is all about. Because I feel like there might be a lack of communication maybe between the SGA and the rest of the students where I feel like there’s a disconnect. And so I think that by running together we’re going to get people interested, get people involved and to make an informed decision. I think they’re going to see what we really have to show and offer and I think that’s going to, you know, hopefully, inspire people to vote for us.

Jeannot: I think it also taps into like, different audiences too. Eric and I are involved in a wide range of clubs on campus and so I think that if it’s something where the clubs I’m and they see like, oh, Ashlee’s running for President along with Eric, who’s Eric? And then you just talk about Eric and share his point of views. It’s like, oh, okay I didn’t know that, so it’s like your building connections with people who may not have known each other, who may not have known about things that were going on in SGA.

Primary elections for contested positions will take place April 11 and 12. General elections will take place April 14 and 15.

Abigail Matheson is the Editor in Chief of The Hub. She can be contacted at and on Twitter @abbimathy.

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