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SGA Wrap Up: April 5, 2016

The April 5 SGA meeting featured a discussion with Bon Appetit in regards to concerns raised by freshman class president Jessie Wang.

The meeting began with Club Spotlight featuring Emmanuel College Support Our Troops. The group was created to provide support for soldiers and active troops in the Boston community and raise awareness at Emmanuel. They have held events such as a Veterans’ Day celebration, a trip to the 9/11 Memorial in New York City, and a Giving Tree this past Christmas.

They nominate Emmanuel College Superfans for next week’s Club Spotlight.

Next on the agenda was special funding requests. First, Emmanuel College Community Outreach (ECCO) requested $480 for their National Volunteer Week events. This money would purchase baked goods, goodie bags, raffle prizes, and decorations. Their request was approved in full.

Emmanuel College EMS requested $150 for a backboard and $60 for a spine board. These materials would be used in training their members, not in on-campus responses. The funding was approved in full.

Field Hockey Club requested $675 for an official sized portable net to use in practices. Currently, the club is using the soccer goals at Clemente with cones to simulate the size of a field hockey goal. The portable net would make their practices more efficient. Funding was approved in full.

Emmanuel College OUTspoken originally requested $400 for a guest speaker. However, they are no longer getting a guest speaker and are instead having a professor speak at their event. As a result, they are requesting $30 instead. Their funding was approved in full.

Emmanuel College Ukulele Club requested $250 for their upcoming Luau event on Friday, April 8. This money will go to hula dancers and flame throwers who performed at last year’s luau. Anastasia Yogas ’16 raised concerns about whether or not the event would run during bad weather and if the club could get their money back. There was no answer about refunds due to weather cancellations in the dancers’ contracts. Regardless, the funding was approved in full.

Emmanuel College Swim Club was the final special funding request of the day. They requested $569 for their “Dive in Movie” event. This money buys them the rights to Finding Nemo, an extra half hour at the pool, and food for the event. Funding was approved in full.

Next, Bon Appetit took the floor to hear student concerns regarding food in the dining hall, Muddy River cafe, and atrium. Robin Fortado, General Manager for Bon Appetit at Emmanuel College, was present along with Sous Chef Keith Silva.

In regards to requests for more fruit options, for the next month there will be a rotation of some frozen & fresh berries as well as other fruits in the main dining room.

Concerns were raised about the amount of butter and cooking spray used to cook food. Fortado said that no butter is used to cook steamed vegetables and anything that is grilled or sauteed is cooked in olive oil. SGA members suggested that these concerns could be directed at the grill specifically where students observe a large quantity of butter and cooking spray being used.

Fortado encourages students to reach out to her if they see this happening because it is a concern she has been working on recently. Students can also request their food be cooked on aluminum foil if they are concerned about the amount of butter on the grill or cross-contamination.

Meal plans are decided by the college, not Bon Appetit. This means that the number of swipes and hours swipes can be used is decided by Emmanuel administration. Fortado also said that with the potential for other dining options in the new Julie Hall, meal plans could change.

After Bon Appetit left, Dan Darcy introduced the new Assistant Director for Involvement and Leadership Kelli Connors. Her office is located where Amma Marfo’s office was in the basement of St. Anne’s. Dan also reminds students to nominate their peers, professors, and clubs for Leadership Awards. The due date is April 12.

The Can Do award was passed to Corinne Stinton ’16 for her help introducing first years to Finance Committee matters.

Abigail Matheson is the Editor in Chief of The Hub. She can be contacted and on Twitter @abbimathy.

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