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SGA Wrap Up: April 12, 2016

This week’s SGA meeting featured extensive discussion on Constitutional changes as well as allocating money to clubs to spend on food fundraisers.

The meeting began with an agenda adjustment. Elijah Calvi ’18 motioned to move the approval of last week’s minutes to after the weekly orders of business, Club Spotlight and special funding. The motion was approved.

Club Spotlight featured Emmanuel College Superfans whose goal is to spread school spirit throughout campus. They attend as many EC home games as possible, give out EC swag at games, and try to pump up school spirit at the games. They hold events such as team blessings, fan buses, tailgates, and EC Madness as well. The club, originally comprised of just an executive board, is looking to expand their general membership. They meet every other Wednesday at 10am in the JYC.

They nominate Emmanuel College Community Outreach for next week’s Club Spotlight.

There were no special funding requests this week. The special funding number remains at $4,760.20.

The full senate did hear a reallocation request, something that is not usually done. The reallocation request came from Biology Club for $75 to pay for mozzarella sticks for a fundraiser for general member Jackie Shainis ’17. Shainis is participating in Boston Children’s Hospital’s Miles for Miracles: Boston’s Run to Remember.

There were several reasons the Finance Committee could not reach a full consensus about the reallocation. Some felt that selling mozzarella sticks was not in line with Biology Club’s mission statement. Marcella Paez ’18 responded to that by saying Habitat for Humanity does grilled cheese and pancake nights, which are similar food-based fundraisers that do not necessarily line up with the club’s mission.

Eric Cote ’18, Devin Gilmore ’18, and MaryCatherine Dunne ’16 were also of the opinion that a food based fundraiser was not out of the question for Biology Club’s mission statement and supported the fundraiser.

Anastasia Yogas ’16 asked if there was a precedent for sponsoring a single person with club fundraising. There was not, which is another reason why this reallocation was brought before the senate.

Mary-Kate Roffey ’17 brings up that biology is directly related to the hospitals in the area and the fundraiser is justified as such.

Calvi notes that event is already being advertised on campus prior to allocation being approved and calls for judiciary warning. Hailey Lafflin ’17 was at the Finance Committee meeting and is of the impression that the event was approved. Lafflin did not believe Biology Club should be punished for advertising the fundraiser and this highlights the miscommunication that occurred.

For the sake of time Cote motioned to approve the $75 reallocation request. Besides one nay vote, the reallocation was approved.

This brought the meeting back to the approval of last week’s minutes. The miscommunication of the approval of Biology Club reallocation request was the reason the approval of minutes was postponed. The original minutes indicated the reallocation was approved, however it was not. This lead to an email being sent the night before the full SGA meeting highlighting this difference. Executive Secretary Tyler Gravelle ’16 was responsible for taking the minutes at the meeting and takes full responsibility for the miscommunication.

After this discussion, last week’s minutes were approved.

The first Constitution change officially added the Executive Commuter and Residence Representatives to the Constitution Committee. This change was approved.

The next change would make the Executive Secretary the chair of the Club Recognition Committee. The chair is supposed to be Executive Director of Club Relations, however this year’s meetings have been run by the Executive Secretary. After a motion for a roll call vote that changed into a hand-raising vote, the change was passed with one nay vote from Calvi.

The proposed changes to the way in which special funding minutes are taken is not in line with the new Treasurer’s Handbook. After modifications to the language, the motion passes.

There was discussion about changing the make up of the Spring Election Committee to feature senators from each class. In the past, this committee would help Dan Darcy count paper ballots. Now, the election is done completely online and this committee has been nonexistent. Further discussion about this committee was tabled for next year. Discussion about the timing of elections was also tabled for next year.

A proposition to add “behavior that violates the Emmanuel College Code of Ethics” to reasons for removal of an SGA member was the next proposed change to the Constitution. Some senators felt that this statement was too broad and, because there are many possible violations of the Emmanuel Code of Conduct, they worried that future senators would be removed for something like noise violations.

There was a motion for a roll call vote to strike this proposition from the Constitution. After two roll call votes, the proposition remained in limbo as the senate was split in their decision. Another motion to send the proposition back to the Constitution Committee for further discussion was approved.

Emmanuel College Political Forum was present at the meeting to discuss their Washington D.C. trip. In attendance were 12 students and a faculty adviser. Funding only allowed them to bring 12 students, however more than that were interested in going. They saw various D.C. landmarks, museums, and the Supreme Court. The group looks forward to returning next year and seeing more sites.

After Political Forum’s presentation, a motion was made to send all tabled constitutional amendments back to the Constitution Committee. The motion passes.

There was no time left in the meeting for adviser, executive, and class president updates. As such they will be emailed out to all senate members and published by Executive President Catherine Graham ’16.

The Can Do award was passed to Jenna Sprunger ’17.

Abigail Matheson is the Editor in Chief of The Hub. She can be contacted and on Twitter @abbimathy.

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