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Op-Ed: Why I am Running

As tonight marks the eve of the final elections for Student Government, I wanted to write a letter of to the Emmanuel College Community on my decision to run for Student Government Association, Executive President.

My reasoning for running for Executive President means more to me than a blurb to fill on a college application or resume. I am running because as a Student Government Association and College Institution, Emmanuel College is not doing enough to address the needs and the concerns of the entire student body.

My student experience at Emmanuel College differs from many but not all. I wake up every morning at 5am to arrive on campus roughly around 7:30 to avoid the morning rush hour traffic. If I am not in a class, a club meeting, or the ARC. I am usually rushing to get to my other full time job. A full time job that requires a minimum of 35 hours a week. A job I need to keep as I am solely paying for my college tuition on my own.

To say my week is hectic is an understatement! But I know there are other students whose weeks are even more hectic and challenging then mine—but they are pushing through. We are pushing through because we have no other option. I running for those students! I am running because the needs of commuter students’ must be acknowledged at an institutional level. Providing more funds for commuter social events and initiatives.

I am running for those who feel unrepresented whether it be because of their gender, race, culture, sexual orientations, religion, social economic class, age. And more! No matter how you identify yourself – or how others try to identify you—Emmanuel College should serve as the place where you to be yourself! A diverse and inclusive Emmanuel College community will constitute an essential part of our efforts to be fully effective as an institution and to achieve excellence in our work. I personal know what it is like to not only feel unrepresented due to the lack of faces who look like you but also walking on campus and feeling uncomfortable. I am running for those students! I am running because our Student Government needs to work to initiate programs and increase funding for programs that seek to address diversity and inclusivity.

The Student Government Association is responsible for the entire student body not just specific groups and organizations. It is about time that as an organization we do more to accurately meet the needs and wants of the people we were elected to represent. In cookie-cutter fashion, I want to put the power back in the student’s hands. A power I believe that has somewhat dwindled. Plain and simple, we students do not work for Emmanuel College, Emmanuel College works for us and we should challenge our institution to continuously be and become better.

I am running for Executive President, because I care deeply about the Emmanuel College community. I care enough to challenge myself, my community—students, faculty and staff to do better as a whole.

“Let’s build bridges not wall”

I hope to have your support come April 14th and April 15th!


Executive Presidential Candidate, Ashlee Jeannot ’17

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