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The Saintly Review: Emmanuel’s Literary Magazine

Emmanuel’s new course, Editing and Publishing a Literary Magazine, is planning to publish a first edition of their literary magazine called The Saintly Review. The objective of The Saintly Review is to share the outstanding writing and art produced by Emmanuel’s students, staff, and faculty.

According to Emmanuel College Course Catalog for 2015-2016, the Editing and Publishing a Literary Magazine Course:

Aims to critically analyze the literary magazine as a genre and to develop students’ knowledge of and skill in the field of publishing. We will study and analyze a number of top literary magazines and journals selected for a range of styles, content, location, and goals; includes poetry, fiction, and essays; two classes on each in order to assess mission & content as well as submission and distribution policies. Over the course of the semester, students will develop, plan, edit, publish and distribute an issue of The Saintly Review, the Emmanuel College literary magazine. The mission of the magazine is to nurture and publish outstanding student, staff, and faculty literary fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and visual art, to foster the professional development of editors, writers, poets, and artists, and to enrich the Emmanuel College community by publishing a professional-quality literary magazine.

Originally, Editing and Publishing a Literary Magazine wasn’t going to be an offered as a class, as explained by Andrew Dion ’17. “Some fellow classmates and I actually created the class on accident while attempting to form a literary magazine club in 2014. As a club board member, I met up with Professors Callahan, Pope, and Palumbo to pave the way to creating the literary magazine and, we were faced with the proposition of creating a course.” He continued on to say that the process was quite difficult and took about a year, but he is extremely proud of what has become of the class.

Other students who helped to create the literary magazine are Olivia Slezik ’16, Julia Paige ’16, Marie O’Neil ’18, and Elizabeth O’Neil ’16.

The class provides students opportunities to enhance their critical thinking skills and open their eyes to different forms of writing and media that they may not be as familiar with. Many students in the English department were excited to take the course because it is something new that has never been offered at Emmanuel before. 

If you consider yourself an artist, a writer, or a poet, The Saintly Review is a wonderful way to share your work with the Emmanuel community. Even if you don’t consider yourself a master of the arts, The Saintly Review shows that there is value in all different types of work. 

The Saintly Review is currently taking submissions for their Fall 2016 edition. They are looking for poetry, prose, and visual art to be sent to Submissions can be from students, faculty, and staff. The submission deadline has been extended through April 19.

Check out The Saintly Review Facebook and Twitter to find out more.

Olivia Cavalieri is a Staff Writer for The Hub. She can be contacted at

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