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EC’s Career Center Works to Help Students More

Emmanuel College’s Career Center offers countless benefits to Emmanuel students throughout their time here and even after they graduate.

Maureen Ashburn, Executive Director of the career center, has been working there for about a year and a half and loves working with the Emmanuel community.  Career CenterBeginning this year, each student will be assigned a career center advisor that will work with individually with them throughout their time at Emmanuel. Advisors will connect with their students starting in June before the Fall semester beings to discuss their career interests, goals for the future, and professional experiences to help guide their four year plan.

An advantage of attending a small institution like Emmanuel is the opportunity to create close relationships with professors, advisors, and fellow students. The career advisors hope to create a partnership with their students to assist them on their career development through college. 

“Our mantra is, work with us early and work with us often,” Ashburn explained as she emphasized the importance of planning your career goals early on in your college career. She related the career center to a GPS system for students because it helps them navigate from point A to point B. Students who have a career in mind can find help locating job opportunities, meanwhile students who are unclear about what career path would best fit their talents, interests, and personality, can also find support from their advisor. 

A career advisor can work with you to format a resume to highlight students’ strengths and present them in the best possible light to potential employers. They can conduct mock interviews with students and share their knowledge about what certain companies typically look for as they work with many companies in the Boston area. 

HireSaints is Emmanuel’s career management system which has many different features that benefit students alumni such as: 

  • Search and apply for part-time (on and off campus) jobs, full-time jobs and internship opportunities
  • Schedule an appointment with a Career Advisor
  • Research employers in the greater Boston area and beyond
  • Upload and receive feedback on documents, such as résumés and cover
  • letters
  • Learn about Career Center events (career fairs(not just at Emmanuel), presentations, networking events and more)

On the HireSaints website, students can also fill out information such as their major, interests, availability, what sort of position they’re looking for, and more. The more information the student provides, the better. Career advisors look at this information to forward job and internship opportunities that pertain to their individual requirements. 

HireSaints is different from other job search websites because companies and employers have to be approved by Emmanuel to appear there and opportunities presented from these employers are directly targeted towards Emmanuel students. Employers work closely with the career advisors to update them on available positions. 

“The career center is student focused, and employer driven,” said Ashburn as she continued to describe the key components of their work. They are constantly building and maintaining relationships with employers in the Boston area to ensure Emmanuel students have many options for careers following graduation. It’s important for students to realize the opportunities available for their majors.

Students can make an appointment with the career center to see what companies students with their major have gotten jobs with in the past. This can give students an idea of what appeals to them and what doesn’t, and may introduce them to a career path that has never crossed their mind before.

“It’s just as important to know what you don’t like,” said Ashburn. 

The career center hopes to improve their services by looking at the student outcome survey, which they started giving out in 2015. Not only will this help them celebrate student successes’, but also determine what they can do to assist students even more. Their central goal is to empower students to feel confident with the professional connections and growth they’ve made throughout their time at Emmanuel.

The career center advisors are available to give second opinions and feedback on any professionally related concern students have. They welcome seniors who are struggling to find a career for after graduation, freshman who want to begin or continue their career exploration, and everyone in between.

Together, the career center advisors, Maureen Ashburn, Tracey Clingingsmith, Elizabeth Deren, and Marguerite Moore, offer 40+ years of experience. To make an appointment, log into HireSaints, and click on “Make a Counseling Appointment” in the top right corner of the home screen. 

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