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81 Students with Temporary Housing Assignments at the End of Housing Selection

On April 27, 2019 Class Officers organized a meeting with Dr. Joe Onofrietti  and Dr. Patricia Rissmeyer, in regards to Housing Selection held on April 21. Oh, there was plenty of free pizza too.

“When we ended housing selection on Thursday, there were 81 students with temporary assignments,” Dr. Rissmeyer began.

First years gather to ask questions about the results of Housing Selection on April 21. Photo: Heather Alterisio

First years gather to ask questions about the results of Housing Selection on April 21.
Photo: Heather Alterisio

Many students in the class of 2019 were placed in locations, not necessarily of their choosing. Loretto Hall and St. Ann’s Hall have always been reserved for First Year students, but St. Ann’s has been known to house some upperclassmen or transfers when necessary. For this reason, a large number of the rising sophomores were required to choose Peabody Hall at Wheelock College. Once those rooms were filled, students were placed temporarily in St. Ann’s.

“We could get an additional 15 to 25 rooms in CityView or Trilogy,” Dr. Rissmeyer suggested. Dr. Joe added that nine apartments have already been secured subsequent to housing selection.

Dr. Rissmeyer continued, “We will be able to free up double rooms by lottery number.” As more apartments are secured on satellite campuses, more upperclassmen will be able to shift into those slots. Once they are moved to those locations, rooms in St. Joe’s will open up. “We have a system, and we are working to accommodate it.”

Dr. Joe emphasized, “We have secured 25 apartments plus nine additional since housing selection. We are going for more.”

“We have already reduced the number of students in temporary housing,” said Dr. Rissmeyer. When a student asked why they did not prepare for this in the first place, she explained that there is a good amount of time until August–until actual move-in. Leases through these satellite campuses are slowly freeing up for Emmanuel’s use.

One student asked, “When will the first emails be sent?” Dr. Joe estimates May 14 or sooner. “I’m going to guess letters will start going out about mid-May.”

Another student wondered, “Do we need a request-to-change form or do we wait for the email?” A lot of students were told that they would need to request to be moved as soon as spaces open up, but this could create a lot of confusion as far as what does become available. Dr. Joe answered, “I will have to check on that. We might still use it, but that all depends. I will get back to you.” For now, students should just wait for further instruction from Residence Life and Housing.

Dr. Rissmeyer and Dr. Joe answer questions about temporary housing concerns. Photo: Heather Alterisio

Dr. Rissmeyer and Dr. Joe answer questions about temporary housing concerns.
Photo: Heather Alterisio

“Are there any updates on Julie?” another first year asked. Dr. Rissmeyer responded that there are no current updates. A proposal for financing is in the works. Emmanuel is still moving forward with housing for next year with the intent that Julie Hall will not be there.

“Is there a chance that it won’t go through? What would be the ripple effect?”

Dr. Rissmeyer said, “I have put my faith in Sr. Janet, so I hesitate to even suggest that.” With that in mind, “Some students gave a deposit, but missed housing selection.” In the event, however, that Julie does become available, the lottery will be redone. “Just be happy you’re not Susan Benzie, if that happens,” Dr. Rissmeyer joked.

“Sounds very poorly planned,” one first year let out. “I don’t disagree that finances could have been secured sooner,” Dr. Rissmeyer admitted. “It’s very anxiety-producing.”

Other questions came up concerning rules and security at Peabody Hall, as opposed to what students are used to on the main campus. Rules are relatively the same, though that will have to be looked into further. If anything, the sign-in for guests may be slightly different. Floors in Peabody will be designated for Emmanuel-only students, and there will be two Emmanuel Resident Assistants assigned to each of them.

Peabody Hall is within close walking distance too. “I heard a student said it takes 20 minutes to walk to Peabody,” Dr. Rissmeyer said. “That is not true. It took me 5 minutes, and that was while wearing heels!” Jessie Wang, President of the Class of 2019, said, “It takes 3 minutes if you walk through Simmons.”

If all goes as planned though, “You will be the inaugural class to live in the new Julie.”

For further inquiries or concerns, students are encouraged to make appointments with Residence Life and Housing or Dr. Joe in the basement of St. Ann’s, or with Dr. Rissmeyer in ADMIN 334. With that in mind, students should beware that Residence Life and Housing is getting a lot of emails and people just stopping-in. It is much better for students to make themselves known by giving a face to their name.

Heather Alterisio ’17 is a Staff Writer for the Hub. She can be contacted at or on Twitter @HeathAlt.

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