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Receiving No Response, Alumni Send Demands to Members of the Sexual Assault Response Team

UPDATE: Erin Farmer Noonan responded to Alumni via email at 4:27 p.m. today.

She said, “As we all know, these issues are affecting colleges and universities across the nation, and we recognize the anxiety, anger, and hurt our students, faculty, staff, and alumni may be feeling.”

She also added “We are always willing to discuss and address proactively issues of concern that impact our students.”

Noonan declared that the Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) will go over the six suggestions expressed in the letter by alumni. She said to expect a detailed reply by August 15.

On July 27, a group of alumni sent a call to action to the six members of SART as well as four other administrators.

Receiving no response, a follow up letter was sent at 7:30pm on July 27 to the same group, this time containing a list of short term and long term demands.

The group also demanded a response from administrators on July 28. The letter of demands reads as follows:

To the addressed:

Our private alumni group has risen to over 300 members. Altogether, we are concerned that our call to action has received no response.

Together, we ask that the Sexual Assault Response Team and the other addressed members acknowledge our call and the following:

Short Term

-Acknowledgement that the current system is under review by a coalition including individuals not currently involved in the SART and judicial processes.

-Acknowledgement that the resources we’ve provided are being considered for further use and implementation.

Long term

-Consistently educating incoming students on consent vs. violation. Often, certain people who perpetrate sexual assault are shocked to be told that what they did was, in fact, assault, but aggressors can’t be allowed to form the narrative around what’s acceptable and what’s not.

-An open record of disciplinary action taken against those found guilty of sexual misconduct in the Institution’s annual Clery Report.

-Student involvement in the formation of the sexual misconduct policy, including regular review to ensure that the needs of the community are being heard and attended to.

We thank you for your consideration and expect a formal response tomorrow, July 28, 2016.

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