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Continue Your “Pokemon Go” Obsession Around Emmanuel

If you haven’t been to Boston this summer, then you might not know the city is crawling with Pokemon and PokeStops thanks to the app “Pokemon Go.” Even Emmanuel College has enough PokeStops to go around.

After the game’s wildly popular debut in the middle of the summer, it’s not clear whether or not “Pokemon Go” can keep its acclaim. Already, the number of players has fallen in the months since its release, according to Business Insider. According to the article, “the decline in “Pokémon Go” users is normal, not indicative of a fad. If anything, the huge number of users one month in shows that the game has staying power.”

There is speculation as to why the app lost users drastically. In a recent BBC article, Niantic’s decision to change the “nearby” feature to no longer show how far away Pokemon are from the user is credited as a reason for users leaving the game.

Now you tell us; do you think “Pokemon Go” is still popular? Do you still play?

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