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Campus Wide Effort for Title IX Programming Arrives in Fall 2016

After the news that a former Emmanuel College freshman was sexually assaulted on campus this summer, student movements have started cropping up. The first was an alumni driven movement calling for systemic change on campus outlined by a list of demands. That movement is ongoing.

There is also a second movement led by current Emmanuel students who are working with administrators to provide on campus programing to highlight student’s Title IX rights.

In an email from Dr. Patricia Rissmeyer, she describes the program as “a campus-wide effort with support from Devin Gilmore, SGA President, Dr. Petros Vamvakas, the Chair of the Faculty Senate and me in my role as Vice President for Student Affairs…offering programs throughout the year, during the nine months that classes are in session.”

This need for Title IX programming was discussed at a meeting on August 25 featuring students, faculty, staff, and administrators. It was here they discussed the student’s needs for a clear definition of sexuality, intimacy, and sexual assault, as well as a better understanding of consent and how to give or ask for it. The college’s current definitions are outlined in the Title IX section of the website.

The meeting also placed an emphasis on making sure the resources available to students are clearly and repeatedly outlined. This effort will include posters and flyers featuring nine facts about Title IX hung around campus.

While programming is still being fully developed and specific details cannot be provided, Rissmeyer says in her email that they “are launching a comprehensive program using a collaborative model and engaging the entire community.”

Rissmeyer does say that the programming will kick off with a call for commitment from the EC community following the model of the White House program “It’s On Us.” The group Survivors in Solidarity, formed last spring, will be a primary contributor to this program.

Preventing sexual assault is on us (all of us) and I am grateful for the clear commitment demonstrated by everyone who attended the meeting on 8/25,” says Rissmeyer.

Students and other members of the Emmanuel community are welcome to contribute their own ideas in regards to topics of discussion, speakers, events, etc. They may contact Dr. Rissmeyer at

Abigail Matheson is the Editor in Chief of The Hub. She can be contacted at and on Twitter @abbimathy

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