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Emmanuel College Launches Brand Advancement Initiative

On Monday, September 5 –Move In Day– Emmanuel College officially launched a rebranding effort including two new logos and a completely updated brand platform.

The new institutional logo features a shield, similar to the old logo, but this time containing an image of the bell tower of the Administration Building as well as the college’s founding year, 1919. The words “Emmanuel College” have also been given an updated font. However to settle the concerns of some students the old logo will not be going away. The official Emmanuel College seal that the community knows will not be disappearing; it will still be used for official documentation.

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 1.09.59 AM

New institutional logo. Taken from

The new Emmanuel College Athletics logo depicts the beloved Halo the Saint Bernard in the institutions new official shades of blue and gold. He wears the breed’s classic wooden whiskey barrel around his neck and a halo above his head and looks quite fierce. This logo will be used for Emmanuel Saints athletics and spirit related activities.

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 1.10.12 AM

New athletics and spirit logo. Taken from

Students on campus early will have noticed both the institutional logo and athletics department logo already on display throughout the summer. The new logo can be seen on the updated street banners along Brookline Avenue and Park Drive. The new depiction of Halo is also being slowly rolled out through the athletics department and is already on a few team uniforms.

As the new logos pop up around campus, students are definitely taking notice.

The brand advancement initiative, as it is being called, began in the Spring of 2015, as stated by the Communications and Marketing Office’s Andrea Thomas. It was not simply pulled out of thin air; it was based on extensive market research. Emmanuel worked with three partners during the brand advancement, including The kor group, which is a design and brand strategy group, Libretto, which is a written communications firm, and McGuire Associates, a market research firm that specializes in higher education.

According to Robert McDonald, Vice President of Marketing and Communications, the new logos and new brand platform were the result of extensive polling of more than 1,000 students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

“It was the product of strategic planning that the college was doing as it looks towards its second century,” says McDonald. “Emmanuel is coming up on its centennial in 2019, and that marks a really exciting milestone for the college, and it’s an opportunity to look at our history and tradition.”

This history, tradition, and community of Emmanuel is exactly what the institution hoped to capture with this brand advancement. It was not an effort to redefine Emmanuel College so much as it was an effort to capture and communicate the institution’s identity in a more direct way.

This was elaborated upon by Vice President of Student Affairs Dr. Patricia Rissmeyer. “It captures the essence of the place, the people, the commitments, the value, the activities,” she says. “It focuses on the students. The messaging is very student centered.”

Updated undergraduate admissions handout. Photo credit: Abigail Matheson ’17

In efforts to more adequately summarize the institution’s identity, Emmanuel has also introduced a new brand platform based on the what is referred to as the value proposition. Mission, Programs, People, Success and Place are the “Brand Pillars” which encompass the essence of the college. They also contribute to the phrase “Go All In,” which students will see popping up in places all over campus.

“Go All In” was not introduced with the purpose of being a tag-line. The phrase was created as a call to action for current and prospective students.

Dr. Rissmeyer discussed the meaning of the phrase saying that, “‘Go All In’ to me is the best of Emmanuel. People come here with aspirations and dreams and they enter with the experience in a whole hearted, open way. They take advantage of the city, they take advantage of relationships with faculty. ‘Go All In’ to me means make the most of the experience.”

Going forward, Emmanuel College students will see some changes in the way the institution portrays itself; specifically in the visual material released by the institution. Graphic designer for the Office of Communications and Marketing Katie Arsenault elaborates upon the changes students might see in the college’s branded materials saying, “The way that we’re talking to [our audience] is not as formal; we’re trying to be more relatable. But then visually it’s different in that we have much brighter colors, we’re flashier, we’re not afraid of doing bold graphics and giant images.”

Students can also expect a new video for the college, as well as an updated website, and a new apparel website in tandem with the existing website for the school store. There have also been updates to the Portal website.

However the look of Emmanuel’s brand may have changed, the brand advancement initiative has been at it’s core an effort by the institution to represent Emmanuel as it is today, looking towards its second century.

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