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EC Faces: Nana Ade ’19


Nana Ade ’19. Photo credit: Sam Farquharson.

“It’s going alright. I’m just, you know, learning a lot. Taking in a lot of information, meeting very very great and beautiful people. It’s, it’s a blast I love it. I wouldn’t trade being up here for being down back at home in Texas, I love being here. Boston, great place to have college so much culture, so much things to do once you find them. It’s excellent, I love it, very frat. I’m really looking forward to I guess more diversity, more diverse programs. I understand that we are starting to build up on that but I want to see it flourish. I want to see it everywhere, by everywhere I mean everywhere. In the dorm halls, in the classrooms, in the bathrooms I want to see it everywhere.”

Nana Ade ’19

International Studies Major

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