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First SGA Town Hall Meeting Held Discusses Transparency

On September 19, the Emmanuel College Student Government Association (SGA) hosted their first town hall meeting of the year. The topic was “transparency.”

SGA President Devin Gilmore ’18 began the meeting by establishing some rules for a productive conversation. Audience members requested respect for all opinions and parties, as well as keeping an open mind. In addition, Gilmore announced that there would be a response forum in October for this town hall meeting. The specific date and time will be announced later.

She continued on to ask to the 12 or so people in the room, “What does transparency mean to you? In an ideal world, what would transparency mean to you at Emmanuel College?” Continuing onto this idea, she wondered, “Is there a line, is there no line? Should every decision have student input?”

Jenna Sprunger, Class of 2017 Vice President, suggested there be a middle ground. Students want to be a part of things, but they don’t necessarily need to know every single tiny detail.

“A lot of people just go with the flow–that is where we should look at things…making things more engaging,”┬áJohn Sisinni, Class of 2018 President, pointed out.

Devin Boyle, Class of 2019 President, brought up the recent email regarding EC News. Every Emmanuel student received one, announcing EC News, “Your Source of Information on EC.” Students broke out in confusion on Twitter wondering who was running it, whether it was created to replace The Hub, and what its overall purpose was.

Not every student was aware that it did exist in the past. Regardless, some wondered why it had even returned in student emails.

In regards to other issues, a student from the class of 2020 spoke up about his own concerns of communication. He seemed overall satisfied with what he knows so far about Emmanuel, but was a little upset about being placed in a forced triple. “There was little told to us about this. Not much was said at orientation.” He was shocked to find out that he was in one this year. He just wished there has been more communication regarding the matter and how housing like that works.

Following this, Devin Boyle, Class of 2019 President, brought up the new brand, speaking positively of the change. While some loved the “fresh look,” others were confused and worried about the money going into it. In regards to the change, however, Edward Bennie ’19 announced that a task force was actually created to ensure that the new logo would be well-received.

This wasn’t a decision made abruptly. A lot of thought was actually gone into choosing the new logo and design.

Gilmore posed he next question about the increase of “lists of demands.”

For students, it seemed that no one knew who exactly to go to–which department, administrator, etc. Information as far as emails and phone numbers are all listed on the Emmanuel website, but not many students know how to navigate that. Moreover, some students have found that emails tend to get overlooked or ignored.

Sprunger worried that not enough students knew the accessibility of the SGA.

For any other questions, students are strongly encouraged to utilize the SGA office hours or email any and all questions at Look for more Town Hall meetings in the future!

Heather Alterisio ’17 is the Executive Managing Editor and a Staff Writer for the Hub. She can be contacted at or on Twitter @HeathAlt.

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