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EC Faces: Courtney Lemois ’18


Courtney Lemois ’18. Photo credit: Sam Farquharson.

“Fall is my favorite season I have to say. I love the hoodie and legging game as I’m wearing currently so I love fall. I love Halloween it’s actually my favorite holiday like it’s kind of weird but it beats out Christmas for me. I just love like how everyone kind of gets to express themselves and wear costumes and I love watching kids go out trick or treating and hanging out with my cousins. I also love apples and apple cider and of course pumpkin spice so it’s really my favorite season. I ride horses so the fall for me is actually really big competition season it’s when all of our finals are so I’ve been kind of busy with that and it’s just, it’s fun to be able to go back home and see my horse and do some competitions so I love this time. My horse’s name is Lance, I’ve been riding him for four years, I’ve been riding in total for 16. My mom did it when she was younger so as soon as I was able to walk we rode horses. It’s kind of fun because I get to do it with my parents so it’s like a bonding experience we spend like three days a week together at home. It’s nice.”

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