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A How-To Guide on the Emmanuel College Mailroom


Photo credit: Christi Townsend ’20.

Being a college student, the mailroom becomes a familiar weekly trip. On September 19, both JaNae Rachel and David Zimmer, staff of Emmanuel’s Mailroom, gave The Hub some tips and facts about what to do when picking up a package, their routine in the Mailroom, and what can and cannot be sent for.

Rachel has been working with Emmanuel since early February and Zimmer for two years. When asked what the easiest and hardest part of working in the mailroom is Rachel said that the easiest part is the positive connections with students while the hardest is making sure students are able to retrieve their package in a timely manner.

If you are unfamiliar, the weekly hours for students on and off campus are from 9AM until 6PM and the busiest hours for the mailroom begin at 2PM, carrying on until the end of the day.

When asked what the busiest time of year is during the interview, both Rachel and Zimmer said, “the start of the semester when textbooks are being delivered.” Rachel said that it is the same during holidays, they receive a lot of boxes full of candy during Halloween.

Both Rachel and Zimmer said that it is important for a student to read the e-mail sent from the Mailroom to a student’s Emmanuel inbox. An Amazon email does not guarantee that your package is ready for pick up.

Additionally, they said students must bring their Emmanuel ID so the staff can identify the owner of the package. If your package is a large order, do not expect all items to come in the same box. The Mailroom will send out an email per package that is received in the Mailroom.

All students have four business days to pick up a package. However, it is best to retrieve it three days after an Emmanuel confirmation e-mail is sent. After that, a UPS return label is formed and all unclaimed packages are sent back the morning after four days.

Although there is no limit to how many packages a student can receive, the Mailroom staff ask that students do not send a large amount of packages before a semester begins as the Mailroom contains limited storage space. However, packages can be sent to the mailroom no earlier than five days before the start of a semester. If they are sent before then, they will be returned.

As the Mailroom goes through a precise procedure, they ask that students try to avoid sending important medication. For example, do not send for insulin two days before you need it – it may not be processed in time. If medication must be sent to Emmanuel, Rachel and Zimmer request that it is order a week or so before the medication is needed.

While both are busy most of their day, Rachel said that many people do not know that she used to have an obsession with all the animated Disney films and she knows all the songs word for word. As for Zimmer, Rachel said, “he thinks he is a master debater,” if you try to argue with him, you will lose.

Christi Townsend ’20 is a Staff Writer for The Hub. She can be contacted at

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