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Creepy Killer Clowns on Campus?

At 12:25AM on Tuesday October 4, Emmanuel students received an email from campus safety regarding the reported clown sightings in the area.

According to an outside source, a group of people dressed like clowns traveled through the Wheelock College campus last night, specifically Peabody Hall.

Editor’s note: The Twitter account @BestClownWatch was deleted since reporting clowns on Wheelock’s campus.

Peabody Hall is home to some Emmanuel students, should they be concerned for their safety?

“There is no emergency and the rumor that there are clowns in the area attacking, people are NOT credible,” says Director of Campus Safety, Jack Kelly.

Kelly explained that many students were calling in to campus safety because of things they had read on social media.

“It was a case of bad information,” said Kelly. “It started at Merrimack College and through social media it spread. Pretty soon there were reports of clown attacks at Wheelock, Simmons, and MCPHS- all were untrue.”

Kelly urges students to ignore the reports of clowns in the area from social media. Other COF schools including Simmons, Wheelock, Wentworth, MassArt, and MCPHS have sent out emails similar to Kelly’s again encouraging students to ignore false “clown alerts” and “clown trackers” that they see online.

So far there have been no recorded clown sightings on Emmanuel grounds, but students are prepared for the worst.

“My reaction was to text my sister who went to Wheelock and told her that I heard there was a clown on campus and her response was that Wheelock has a clowning class,” said Emily Hom ’18.


Photo credit: David McNally ’18.

“That’s some FUNNY business right there. Someone’s having too much fun CLOWNING around,” said Haley Lynch ’18.

“I’m scared. I think what’s so scary is that this is a serious problem in the country and a lot of people are treating it like a joke,” said Mary Kate Roffey ’17.

“Clowns aren’t that scary,” said Julie Rush ’17.

“Clowns or no clowns, big bobs got the fasted hands in the west,” said Bobby Crowley ’17.

According to the Boston Globe, there have been clown sightings in 26 states. People have been reporting seeing individuals dresses as “creepy” clowns wandering around cities, schools and public areas. The clowns have allegedly been chasing children, threatening people and making everyone uncomfortable.

Although most of these reports are unofficial and may not be true, they are still very unsettling. There have been no reported deaths or attacks caused by the clowns and Police Officers are assuming that it is nothing but a harmless prank.

If you see a clown on campus and believe that it will cause harm to the Emmanuel community PLEASE contact campus safety at 617-735-9710 or tweet a picture to The Hub at @ecthehub.

Anna Topping ’17 is a staff writer and the Social Media Editor of The Hub. She can be contacted at and on Twitter @annaytopping.

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One Response to Creepy Killer Clowns on Campus?

  1. Dave Bazet

    October 5, 2016 at 7:13 pm

    This clown is clowning away…