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Red Sox Fall to Cleveland in Game 1, 5-4

The Red Sox officially made their postseason return on Thursday, October 6 against the Cleveland Indians. The Sox have not appeared in any postseason action since their 2013 World Series victory, and Game 1 reflected their rocky consistency in postseason appearances.

The Sox lost game 1 in a close 5-4 battle with the Indians. They’ll remain in Cleveland for game 2, Friday October 7 at 4:30 PM. They’ll return home on Sunday for Game 3.

Rick Porcello was the Game 1 starting pitcher. The 27-year-old is coming off a potential Cy Young award-winning season with 22 wins, 4 losses and a 3.15 ERA.  Porcello was faced against 25-year-old Trevor Bauer (12-8, 4.26). Both pitchers seemed to struggle early, Bauer giving up a run in each of the first 3 innings and Porcello giving up 3 home runs in the third inning. Neither pitcher saw the mound past the fifth inning. The Sox plan on following up games 2 and 3 with starters David Price and Clay Buchholz.

David Price (17-9, 3.99) will be faced against Corey Kluber (18-9, 3.14), another potential Cy Young candidate who struggled with a quad injury this season. Price lead the league with 230 innings pitched, but did give up 30 home runs. He has a lot to prove this postseason as his previous numbers aren’t so hot (2-7, 5.12). If he can keep the Indians to a low score, and the offense finds their rhythm early, the Sox should be able to walk away from game 2 with a tied series.

This postseason has really begun to show its importance because of David Ortiz and his upcoming retirement. The 40-year-old hasn’t come close to showing his age this year, posting up 38 home runs and 127 RBI’s. Ortiz did go 1-4 in his at-bats in game 1 so it is evident that more players need to begin to step up offensively. The team will continue to don the jersey patch of Ortiz throughout the postseason to serve as a reminder to play for their teammate that has always come through for them.


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The Sox have already announced that they’ll be formally retiring Ortiz’s number at the beginning of next season, but the ceremony can only be made better if another championship banner can be added to the celebration.

On Sunday, October 9, the Sox will be back at Fenway with the first pitch of Game 3 at 4:08PM. While there isn’t too much concern from a safety standpoint about ALDS games (rowdiness usually ramps up around the time of the ALCS), for those at Emmanuel that may have never experienced a playoff game in the city, Director of Campus Safety, Jack Kelly, has a few tips.

Emmanuel always has encouraged our students to remain on campus during any post game celebration and to avoid Kenmore square, as this has been a problem spot during the last 3 World Series appearances by the Sox. Boston Police and State Police have a zero tolerance policy for any rowdy celebrations post game. Prior to a clinching game or Super Bowl, Stanley Cup etc, we receive a communication from the Boston Police about what they expect about student behavior, road closures, alcohol policy and other anticipated issues, and we will post it to the Portal,” Kelly said in an email.

Any time Boston sees the playoffs is an exciting one, but it’s important to keep yourself and your friends safe throughout each game of each round. With that being said, if you have any Yankees fan friends, maybe now would be a good time to advise them to move on to their NHL, NBA or NFL team gear of choice. Maybe next year, New York.

This Red Sox team has a lot to play for and they have the talent as well as the capability to go far this postseason. After two straight seasons of this city not watching their team compete in October, they’re just as hungry for it as the players. It’s time for Boylston Street to be packed full of Sox fans putting their best interpretation of Win, Dance, Repeat into action.

Merisa Boyd ’18 is a Staff Writer for The Hub. She can be contacted at and on Twitter at @merisafaith.

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  1. Nyk M

    October 7, 2016 at 1:09 pm

    Insightful as always! Go Sox