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New Student Planning Portal Comes to Emmanuel’s MySaints Portal

On Thursday October 6, Haley Russo from Emmanuel’s Registrar office held an info session about the new Course Registration, which can be found through the MySaints Portal.

To access the new portal on MySaints, click on the EC Online Services tab and find Student Records. From there, click Student Planning and this will redirect you to a new page where you can view your courses and registration.

To check your general and required courses, click on My Progress and then all planned courses. Here, all your planned courses are listed here as well as the classes in progress and those that have not been started.

Additionally, if you want to view course requirements for your intended major, or a major you are interested in, click the View a New Program tab under My Progress. All courses for your major will be stated here, where you will be able to make a plan in order to complete the required classes.

If you want to plan courses for upcoming semesters, the systems allows you to do so by directing to Plan Your Degree under My Progress.

Russo said that Emmanuel decided to switch to the new system because the old portal was not user friendly and the staff wants to increase student satisfaction through the use of better technology, ultimately to “help students understand their requirements better,” Russo said. “I think [the portal] is intuitive.”

Through the new system, both students and faculty are able to clearly view four year plans and schedules. It is easier to navigate with a neat and organized layout. Russo said the portal is “more visual in the way you can see what day and time and how it’s going to fit into your day.”

When asked if the new system will prevent system crashes as it did last year, Russo said that Emmanuel has “done a lot of testing” with the portal and is confident it will work well.

Russo believes that the new registering system will benefit students and teachers because they Progress page helps each person view their personal plan and what courses still need to be completed. She also said the new system makes it “easier to see what a student wants to do and if it is going to work out with their expected graduation.”

Overall, Russo encourages all students and faculty to take advantage of the new course registration system and the organized planning that it has to offer.

Christiane Townsend is a Staff Writer for The Hub. She can be contacted at

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