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Changes to Emmanuel’s Dining Hall for 2016-17 Year

With the start of the new semester, returning students may have noticed updates to the school’s dining hall including the return of eggs, Ben and Jerry’s in the Atrium, and a $1.00 increase per meal swipe.


Taken from Bon Appetit’s website.

Robin Fortado, Bon Appétit General Manager, said that the lack of eggs in the dining hall was due to an outbreak of avian flu in the local farms that Bon Appétit partners with, which created egg shortages.

However, with this outbreak resolved, the return of eggs to the dining hall has been meet with enthusiasm from students who have been at Emmanuel long enough to experience their initial demise.

In an email, Ashley Roberge ’18 said, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and starting it off with an egg makes it even better!”

In addition, to the delight of many Emmanuel students, the freezer in the Atrium is now home to pints of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. A change in vendor from Hershey’s to New England Ice Cream has allowed Bon Appétit to supply this beloved brand.

The response from Emmanuel students is very enthusiastic.

“Having Ben and Jerry’s in the atrium is easily the best contribution to the Atrium!” said Roberge.

Fortado supported this response, confessing that Bon Appétit can’t match the rate they’re stocking it to the rate students are eating it.


Photo credit: Emery Veilleux ’20

Though many of the changes have been positive ones, students may have also noticed an increase per meal swipe from $8.00 to $9.00. This change, however, is unrelated to Bon Appétit, but rather a result of changing costs at Emmanuel College itself.

In addition, some students have discussed a policy change concerning removing food from the dining hall. Fortado disclosed that the dining hall has never been a grab-and-go setup, and that the Muddy River Café exists exactly for this purpose.

Roberge suggested that keeping the Muddy open longer and during the weekends may create a better balance.

Even through these changes, Fortado discussed that Bon Appétit itself has not changed; they are still operating with a continued emphasis on local farms in order to produce less waste and provide local farmers with more profits.

Emery Veilleux ’20 is a Staff Writer for The Hub. She can be contacted at

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