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DIY Emmanuel Inspired Halloween Costumes

Still don’t know what you want to be this Halloween? Want to impress your friends on campus with a unique and trendy costume while still representing Emmanuel? Check out these DIY Emmanuel inspired Halloween costumes!

Brian Burns


Photo credit: Juliette Luchini

Brian is a former staff writer for The Hub and a recent grad of Emmanuel. He is admired for his unique writing voice and hilarious social media presence.

You’ll need…

  • a well groomed mustache
  • a Ronald Reagan “aidsgate” t-shirt
  • a uncanny resemblance to Michael Phelps
  • to be listening to Madonna while walking someone else’s dogs


This Leonberger is Emmanuel’s favorite dog on campus (sorry Halo). Moose is usually seen walking around campus with the EC facilities staff and he loves when people pet him and talk selfies with him.

You’ll need…

  • fuzzy/furry jacket
  • dog makeup
  • black leggings
  • a facilities worker to guide you around all night

Randy or a Cafe Worker


Photo credit: Ian Chamenko ’17.

Emmanuel’s Cafe has the best food in all of the Colleges of the Fenway. We love getting sandwiches at the Muddy, quesadillas at the Atrium, and waiting in line for stir-fry at the Cafe. Randy is one among many of the friendly Bon Appetit staff that works to keep us happy and full.

You’ll need…

  • a black polo
  • black pants
  • a skateboard (optional)
  • to scream “CHICKEN FINGERS AND FRIES!!!!!!” once every five minutes

Kevin Farrell 

Kevin is the Director of Student Center Services and the Assistant Director of Student Activities. He can usually be found in the JYC and he is responsible for organizing Dance Marathon, Moonlight Breakfast, and all of the other fun events on campus.

You’ll need…

  • spiky blond hair
  • a sweater vest
  • khakis
  • to constantly email everyone around you

The Emmanuel Shuttle


Photo credit: Abigail Matheson ’17.

If you live at the Notre Dame Campus or Cityview you are very familiar with the Shuttle. Campus safety officers operate the shuttle and drive students between locations. It is a free service for anyone on campus.

You’ll need…

  • to wear all white
  • to carry at least two students on your back
  • to only travel between NDC and Main campus
  • to always be a little late

Sister Janet

Taken from

Taken from

Sister Janet Eisner is the president of Emmanuel College. She is a Sister of Notre Dame de Namur and is the longest-serving woman college president currently in office! (She was inaugurated in 1979). This Halloween, get Sister Jan-lit.

You’ll need…

  • a cute blazer or pantsuit
  • short, fluffy white hair
  • to always be smiling
  • to act very illusive all night and only appear for special occasions

Mike Conte

Taken from Michael Conte's LinkedIn

Taken from Michael Conte’s LinkedIn.

Mike Conte is the former EC Residence Director of St. Joes Hall.

You’ll need…

  • glasses
  • a beard and mustache
  • a plaid collared shirt and plain tie
  • to leave Emmanuel and spend all night at Suffolk

Father John

Taken from

Taken from

Rev. John Patrick Spencer, S.J. AKA Father John is an important figure on campus. He is an experienced clinical social worker and has a lot of experience in Res Life from his time at Boston College.

You’ll need…

  • a black turtleneck and pants
  • a preist collar
  • a bible and rosary to carry with you
  • fourth joke


Emmanuel's mascot, Halo.

Emmanuel’s mascot, Halo.

Halo is a Saint Bernard and he is also Emmanuel’s mascot. He is typically in attendance for most major events on campus.

You’ll need…

  • brown dog ears
  • all brown clothes and a furry jacket
  • to have your tongue hanging out of your mouth all night
  • to constantly be overshadowed by Moose

No matter what you wear for Halloween this year, have a fun, safe and spooky weekend!!

Anna Topping ’17 is a staff writer and the Social Media Editor of The Hub. She can be contacted at and on Twitter @annaytopping.

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