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EC Faces: Sarah Gately ’19


Sarah Gately ’19. Photo credit: Sam Farquharson

“Personally, I’m absolutely terrified. I am not a fan of Trump whatsoever or his running mate Mike Pence and I feel as if he gets elected on Tuesday then there are many horrific things that could happen to this country and I am not willing to go for that. I believe that if we do end up having a female president it will do great things for this country especially because women have yet to have their chance to rule in any way so I think that would be great. I hope it goes in the favor in which I’d like it to. I have a hard time believing that a lot of his policies will get passed in Congress but there’s a great deal of Americans that actually believe what he’s saying will get passed and if some of them do such as building a wall for instance it could cause many different negative implications with other nations around the world as well. I don’t think he knows what he’s doing, he’s incapable of holding a coherent thought, might as well being able to run this country. Make sure you go out and vote. It’s really important to vote in this election especially, a lot of people its their first election being able to vote so that’s exciting as well. I believe that this election is one of the most important elections we’ve had in a long time.”

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