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Emmanuel College Stands with Consent Culture


Photo credit: Christiane Townsend ’20

On Thursday, November 3, Residence Assistants (RA) Jannet Desvira ’19 and Samantha Tingue ’18, set up a table in the JYC. Both Desvira and Tingue are passionate about spreading awareness of Consent Culture throughout Emmanuel.

Consent culture itself is not a new concept and has been circling social media for years. It centers around the idea of asking for consent and putting a stop to sexual violence.

It is a culture where the act of asking for consent is now normalized and overlooked. Consent is known as “the agreement between participants to take part in a form of of sexual activity,” according to a poster at the Consent Culture table. It is also noted that past consent does not apply to future consent.

As RAs, they plan and hold programs and events which focus on health and wellness, academics, community and value which they showed through a poster, banner and pins educating students about Consent Culture and why it is important.

Desvira said that consent and sexual assault is a “sensitive topic,” and by “having Emmanuel College support them shows that Emmanuel is spreading awareness.”

“We should always bring people’s attention to it – especially now with Trump and how he perpetuates women. It is important to raise awareness,” said Tingue.

Both Desvira and Tingue are a part of bringing attention to Emmanuel students by raising awareness for “It’s On Us” – a program to stop sexual violence and assault. Students are encouraged to take the pledge on to stand with victims of sexual violence.

Christiane Townsend ’20 is a Staff Writer for The Hub. She can be contacted at

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