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EC Faces: Jonathan Rowe ’18


Photo credit: Sam Farquharson ’17.

“It’s weird because I had this shift of emotions from first shock then deep sadness and pessimism then to anger, and now it’s like kind of acceptance of what’s happened. I’m trying to be optimistic and hopeful that even though fifty-three percent of the country did choose this man to become president, that something good will come out of it. But there’s just too much uncertainty now to be certain of that.

It’s even more difficult as a person of color because of the rhetoric he’s used during his campaign to actually trust that the forces that he’s emboldened through his rhetoric aren’t going to really do as he said, ‘take America back again.’ And also trust that there’s a difference between his campaign and how he’s actually going to be when he is president. I voted for Hilary not because I particularly like her as a candidate, I didn’t really but at least I knew what good and evil was, at least I knew who would be better for the country even if they weren’t really best for the country.

Even when the results were coming I still had this belief that she would win and there would be this historic trajectory from the first black president of the United States to the first female president of the United States. But I guess that’s the nature of what they call ‘white supremacist capitalist patriarchy,’ it doesn’t rest it always finds some way to push back against any kind of progress.

I would say in the words of Ta-Nehisi Coates, ‘Be a conscious citizen, be aware of what’s going on around you, don’t settle for anything, and always try to make a difference in any way you can.'”

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