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EC Faces: Cherokee Belval ’17


Photo credit: Sam Farquharson ’17.

“I’m staying in Boston and working on homework for Thanksgiving. I feel like I have too much stuff to do so I feel guilty if I watch Netflix, I’m trying to read more. I might make mashed potatoes, I might make myself like a really nice dinner, I love green bean casserole. I’m going home this weekend and it’s just an annoying bus ride home I don’t want to deal with, I can also work while I’m here [In Boston]. Usually–we used to host Thanksgiving but then everyone got really old and like not as large of a group comes together anymore so my parents go to my aunt’s house and we do a dinner there, it’s not really big we just watch TV. The conversations are rough, my parents, especially this year with politics it’ll be really rough. My parents are really loud about their politics and my other family members are loud about it, there’s usually tension and/or fights so I can’t imagine what it’s gong to be like this year. I’m excited to go home and talk to my parents about the election just to see kind of how they’re doing ’cause I know that they didn’t support either Clinton or Trump so it’ll be interesting, and I thought that they would support Trump so it’s going to be interesting to just talk to them about it and see where they’re at because they’re such believers in American democracy too. It’ll be interesting.”

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