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The Two Biggest Jerks at Emmanuel


Courtesy of Matt Baker ’17 and Richard Griffin ’17.

“Rich and Matt’s Monster Meats” is the start-up jerky business of Matt Baker ’17 and Richard Griffin ’17, Emmanuel’s resident beef jerky connoisseurs.

“We wanted to call it Two Guys Jerking Around, but it didn’t seem appropriate,” said Baker. Together Baker and Griffin have been producing their own unique batches of beef jerky and distributing it to friends, family and people who appreciate good meat.


Courtesy of Matt Baker ’17 and Richard Griffin ’17.

“It’s really fresh,” said Baker. “It tastes better because it doesn’t come out of a package, we make it ourselves using the best quality meats.”

They have produced flavors like Missouri Rub, Extra Spicy, and BBQ this past year.

So far, Griffin and Baker have produced and sold over thirty batches of jerky.

“We started making jerky around this time last year,” said Griffin. “Matt got a dehydrator for his birthday and we started slicing meat then dehydrating it and adding seasoning.” 

What started out as a fun hobby became a business idea. Griffin is an Accounting major and Baker a Sociology major and with their combined skills they felt confident that they could start a business.

We let our friends try it, we shared it with people. At first we just liked hanging out and eating it,” said Griffin. Their homemade jerky started rising in popularity among their friends and people were requesting larger amounts of meat.

Baker and Griffin realized that there was a demand for homemade beef jerky and decided that they would capitalize on it by starting to produce larger batches and selling the product within their personal networks. 

“They are looking to penetrate the meat market,” said Robert Crowley ’17, amateur financial accountant to the business. “These are two men who know how to handle their meat.”

“We have a Facebook page right now and we’re hoping to keep expanding it,” said Griffin. The Facebook page has mainly been to keep current customers updated and to stay in touch with long-distance fans.

They have been quietly promoting their jerky business throughout the semester and are selling bags of freshly made jerky at reasonable rates.

Their secret ingredient?

“Love,” said Baker and Griffin.

This Thanksgiving the boys are unveiling their newest batch of jerky, “Turkey Jerky.” This blend is made of local turkey meat and infused with cranberry and apple sauce to give it that authentic, Thanksgiving Dinner flavor.

If you are interested in purchasing Rich and Matt’s beef jerky or turkey jerky you can email then at or or request to join their group on Facebook.

Anna Topping ’17 is a Staff Writer and the Social Media Editor of The Hub. She can be contacted at and on Twitter @annaytopping.

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