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SGA Wrap Up: December 6, 2016

The Student Government Association (SGA) meeting held on December 6 focused heavily on the Student Government’s Constitution and the proposed changes.

The meeting began with major event requests. Asian Student Association requested $8, 774 for airplane tickets for their upcoming conference.

The request was approved.

Next up in the meeting were the SGA’s updates to their Constitution.

The Executive Board’s new proposed position, Executive Director of Public Relations, has still not been voted in by the Senate.

The only individuals that have a vote within the Student Government are the Class Representatives.

The discussion during the changes were based on whether or not the Executive Director of Public Relations should have a say, and if having the position hinders the transparency of the group.

The motion to table the discussion had failed, as well as the motion to approve because there was no 2/3 majority.

Up Next, Sarah Nickles ’19 presented her Constitution changes.

These changes were tabled to next week’s meeting. Budget information was up next.

Next, Emmanuel College’s Youth In Government requested $9,514 for their YMCA Congress conference.

Their request was tabled until next week’s meeting.

Sabrina Tessitore ’20 is a Staff Writer for The Hub. She can be contacted at and on Twitter @Sabrina_Tess.

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