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“Sunrise To Sunset” A Poem By Shumon Jenkins ’18

I wake up suddenly in complete darkness.

My eyes move frantically looking for any type of light.

Fear slowly creeps from the back of my mind to my spine, causing it to spread throughout my whole body.

Darkness is the last thing I want, but that’s all I see.

Accepting it seemed to be my only option, so I took it.

As I lay there in it, a light bounces off my eyes and directs me to my window.

The light makes my pupils small and narrow, terrified of the foreign presence.

But my once brown auroras become crimson and sparkle, capturing its beauty.

I stare out my window fixated on the light and where it came from.

It takes control of me and gives me the power to see through the darkness.

As the light guides me, I soon realize darkness is the last thing I need.

I stare out the window, to a glimmer of hope, I’m fixated on the faint flame.

And as the late night lights shine bright, the flame still remains.

But it refuses to grow.

Maybe it’s waiting patiently for the right time.

Or maybe it’s confused, or afraid, or maybe…this light is all it can give me.

I start to believe this flame is nothing more than a spark; darkness calls to me.

However, I can’t help but dream on how beautiful that flame can be.

So I wait.

I don’t care how long it takes, this little light of mine will shine.

And what felt like a blink of an eye, the light became the center of my sky.

I suddenly became engulfed in its flames; my skin enriched by its embers.

A rush of colors captivated my mind and as the light reached my soul; I realized this little light of mine is all I need.


While hypnotized by the blur, I’m blind from the rest of the world.

Time no longer exist and nothing else matters but what this flame has done for me.

Even when scorched and burned, the flames rage on until I know nothing else.

Yet, I still find myself caught in its rays.

But when the horizon hits, and the flames don’t shine as bright.

The late night lights glimmer back into my life and the darkness comes to me.  

I try to ignore it, darkness is the last thing I need.

But this once great flame that made me feel….real.

Has become a small flicker of what it once was and again, darkness is all I see.

My pupils enlarge as the light escapes any eyes and disappear under the horizon.

As it goes, a part of my being leaves with it.

I fear I’ll never feel that way again.

Then I remember, the sun will always rise.


Shumon Jenkins ’18

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