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“The New Year, New Me Plan” A Poem By Shumon Jenkins ’18


Alright, its that time of the year again, time for a, “New Year New Me!”


I promise to workout everyday.

But what if it’s crowded?


Then I’ll just do it the next day!

But what if it’s crowded the next day?


I’ll just go when I can.


I’ll definitely eat better though.

Unless there’s nothing good to eat.

Besides, a cheese burger never hurt anyone.


Ok. Let me be serious. “New Year, New Me.”


I will stop going out every weekend.

How do I define going out though?

Parties and stuff?

*Looks outside to blizzard and freezing wind*


…..Nah, just outside in general.


Cool! And if I do that I can stop waiting last minute to finish my papers!

Unless it’s like a page or something.

Then I can start it at a 11:30 pm….the next day.


Oh, I NEED to stop talking to people who are just going to waste my time.

But what if this one’s different?

Then them I love them?

I should stop telling people I love them.

Unless they love me.

Hmmm…maybe I should stop thinking everyone loves me.

Oh who am I kidding, everyone loves me!


Dammit! I keep getting off track. Focus. “New Year New Me.”


I will get all As and Bs this semester.

But what if the teacher hates me?

Then it’s the teacher’s fault on why I failed.


I will stop staying up late.

I will stop staying up late.


…….Unless I have to.


I need to stop drinking too.

But what if there’s nothing else to drink?

Just Die?

Shit, I might as well if I quit drinking.


I should join more clubs.

But what if they ask me to do stuff?

Then I’ll just never show up again.





Wow, I overthink too much. I should stop.

I mean, what are the odds of any of those exceptions to really happen anyway?

I guess about the same as me actually doing this plan.


Yeah, basically.


Well there’s always next year.

Besides, I like this me anyway.


Shumon Jenkins ’18

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