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“The Visitor” A Poem By Jonathan Rowe ’18

The Visitor

My father said you were a visitor

who would be staying in the guest house

for an indefinite number of days.

I only learned after the fact that

you lived with us while smoke billowed

above Alexandria, Durban & Cape Town,

as the displaced packed in church halls & tent

camps, between bundles of belongings salvaged

to start over somewhere else, at some opportune time.


I never met you before you moved on.

All that remained was a name                         Patrice

suspended in the guest house, in our home,

The absent presence of a body, of a memory;

a name I hold onto even now as a reflection

of myself, a nomad, sense of home undefined;

as an embodiment of the outsider––unnamed,

unrecognized, home being the things carried & themselves.

Who, like a name itself, endures.



Jonathan Rowe ’18

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