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Emmanuel College Juniors Create “Be Serious” Brand

“Be Serious” creator Aaron Brown modeling the brand with help from a friend. Photo by James Barham.

Emmanuel College students Aaron Brown ’18 and Pat Costelloe ’18 have collaborated to create “Be Serious,” a merchandise brand that is quickly growing and gaining popularity across campus.

The idea for the brand was born from a joke. Costelloe said that Emmanuel’s basketball coach Jamahl Jackson was constantly reminding the team to “be serious.” Brown and Lucas Curtin ’18 began to facetiously toss around “be serious” as a catch-phrase; friends quickly began to catch on, and the phrase gained popularity among their Emmanuel peers.

Costelloe said that the phrase has a double-meaning: on one hand, it encourages you to work hard and do your best and on the other hand, it’s still that facetious catch-phrase that carries a “knock it off” sentiment.

Brown and Curtin proceeded to create videos under “Be Serious Productions.” Eventually, Costelloe suggested the creation and sale of “Be Serious” merchandise.

Brown and Costelloe collaborated to create sketches and blueprints, plotting what they would produce and release for sale. The two even created the first t-shirt with the “Be Serious” logo in the Emmanuel computer lab. When the first release garnered a great deal of success, Brown and Costelloe were motivated to keep producing.

Already, the two have designed patches, stickers, and shirts. Brown noted that the brand’s latest release, the “Be Serious” Embroidered Hoodie, was an immediate hit.

Be Serious.

Photo by James Barham.

Brown and Costelloe both admit that it’s challenging to balance the brand in addition to school.

“It’s hard at times to remain creative while taking classes like “Statistics,” but it helps to doodle and sketch in my notebooks,” said Brown.

Costelloe, on the other hand, said that he has always been motivated to produce a brand like “Be Serious” for a living. He said that studying graphic design helps him to personally maintain creativity.

Photo by James Barham.

Fortunately for the “Be Serious” brand, Brown and Costelloe have friends that model professionally who were willing to collaborate for photo shoots to promote the brand. The two creators themselves like to model their products as well. Brown said that he and his friends are constantly taking “Be Serious” pictures, which help in keeping creativity up.

“We all have a child like mindset when it comes to our aspirations. We all believe we can do whatever we put our minds to,” said Brown.

Both Brown and Costelloe said that they will keep collaborating to grow “Be Serious.”

“I want to create a culture around “Be Serious” that includes fashion, music, and film. After I graduate, my plan is to keep creating and to let no one take away my spirit and art. I plan to keep inspiring and never lose my love to explore,” said Brown.

Costelloe also hopes to expand with different musical artists, a skateboarding team, and artists that represent the brand.

“I will 100% keep up with it post-grad, as this is what I love to do,” said Costelloe.

Brown and Costelloe are currently working hard to produce “Be Serious” on social media and at local Boston shows, and their brand is certainly gaining traction and popularity as a result.

“Be Serious” merchandise is for sale at The brand is also on Instagram and Twitter.

Emery Veilleux ’20 is the Assistant Managing Editor and a Staff Writer for the Hub. She can be contacted at

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