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A Message to Emmanuel: Let the Ice Rink Freeze

Signs around the rink. Photo by Christiane Townsend ’20.

With the new ice rink at Emmanuel, students are eager to get right on the ice.

Dr. Rissmeyer, Emmanuel’s Vice President of Student Affairs, has confirmed that Emmanuel College faculty have noticed students walking on the “partially frozen ice.”

“[My] understanding is that this activity has made the surface uneven,” said Rissmeyer in an email. In addition to the fluctuation in weather, disrupting the ice is both dangerous to students and ruins the freezing process of the rink.

The rink was originally an idea from Dr. Jeffrey Fortin, Assistant Professor of History, who has one at his home.

“It is crucial for the ice to freeze solid before anyone attempts to walk or skate on the ice,” said Fortin. “If students continue to break up the ice the rink will not be usable this season. It is important to understand the process of building a rink is long and it takes a lot of work before the ice is ready for use. Any time students disrupt that process, [the process] starts at the beginning again, which further delays the start of ice skating season on campus.”

Uneven ice. Photo by Christiane Townsend ’20.

After hearing about the activity on the rink, Rissmeyer and her team reached out to facilities.

“We made a sign asking people to stay off the rink to allow the water to freeze,” said Rissmeyer.

Rissmeyer included that no faculty or staff are “patrolling the area” but are asking students “for cooperation so that the rink will eventually be available for skating.”

Last week, Dr. Rissmeyer stated that Emmanuel agreed to fund the ice rink in order to strengthen student engagement on campus and to allow students to “relax and have fun.”

Dr. Rissmeyer and her team are hoping that the rink will be up and running by the end of the month.

Christiane Townsend ’20 is a Staff Writer for The Hub. She can be contacted at

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