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“Late Night Convos” A Poem By Shumon Jenkins ’18

Sometimes, I’m scared to close my eyes at night.

What if I never open them again?


Then I think to myself, would I want to live forever?

The answer is no.

We all eventually need some rest.


Death gives life meaning.

Even though we never truly know what ours is.


This is why I write,

With the hope that someone will find there’s.

By reading my soul that was once a blank page,

And seeing themselves in me.


The blind optimism we call faith is all I have,

That perhaps my soul will reach another’s,

And reveal to them love for each other is all we need.


Everything else will come, in time.

As that is God’s greatest gift to us.

For when the rest does come, it’ll be the only thing we ask more of.


But until then,

Don’t Sleep.

Cause God knows I can’t.


Shumon Jenkins ’18

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