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Gabriela Taveras ’17 Wins Miss Boston 2017

Photo credit: Steve Smith

In November, Gabriela Taveras ’17 took second runner up in Miss Massachusetts of the Miss USA sector. She competed again on February 5, her first time in the Miss America organization, and is now Miss Boston.

“It was a very interesting experience because all of the women were beautiful, but they were also really intelligent. I was with women who have masters degrees and women who want to be doctors or lawyers…it was a nice experience to be amongst such intelligent women who are really working towards something,” Taveras said.

Miss USA is known to be more of a beauty pageant. This made Taveras’ preparation in the Miss America sector a little different.

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Watching the news and reading more about America’s political climate became her main focus. This was preparation for the 10-minute long interview portion of the competition. Her hard work paid off because on top of winning Most Photogenic, Taveras also took home Best Interview.

Taveras has now held the title for a few weeks and has already made an appearance at a fashion show. Here, she was able to speak to young girls who look up to her beyond just her title.

“It’s very rare to find women of color in the Miss America organization just because they feel like they can’t do it or they don’t belong in it. So for me to have won Miss Boston, it really served as a symbol for those young girls. I remember one girl came up to me and said ‘I never in a million years thought I would do a pageant or would see someone that looked like me do a pageant and win so you’re my role model,’” Taveras said.

She met another girl that asked for her involvement with a “black girl magic” project, which Taveras accepted.

“It was just awesome to see that just by winning, and I haven’t even really done much because I’ve only had the title for like a week, that there’s other people who are taking notice of me and that they’re saying ‘wow she can do that. I want to see what I can do too,’” she said.

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Contestants have certain platforms surrounding their passions made known before competing. Taveras’ platform surrounds violence prevention and helping victims of violence. She aims to do a lot of fundraising in the future.

“My goal of Miss Boston is to just share my story as much as possible, visit as many schools and speak to as many children as I possibly can, and adults too because everyone needs love,” she stated.

She went on to discuss her hope for everyone looking into the Miss America Organization. The opportunities they provide to those involved are like no other.

“A lot of the time people think that you have to be a size zero and you have to be gorgeous and you have to be rich. Let me tell you the dresses I wore were borrowed…When it came to my talent, that’s something you have to practice on your own, and even for swimsuit I mean, there were girls out there of all different shapes and sizes…I think everyone should do it because we all have student debt or something to pay for,” she said.

Taveras competes for Miss Massachusetts again in June of 2017. If she wins there, she’ll head to Miss America in September of 2017.

Merisa Boyd ’18 is a Staff Writer for The Hub. She can be contacted at and on Twitter at @merisafaith.

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