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EC Radio Is Back After Extended Hiatus

Taken from EC Radio’s Facebook page.

The wait is over. Emmanuel College Radio plans to officially launch their reboot this semester. The revival of EC Radio began with current president Nana Addae ‘19 and vice president Jill Hyburg ‘19. Before them, EC Radio club was dormant for two years.

The station will broadcast online, accessible through a link on their website. So far, the lineup consists of a variety of shows including numerous genres of music, political talk shows, and live sports broadcasts.

Addae and Hyburg’s reboot started as a pipe dream of sorts. Addae always appreciated college radio and Hyburg wanted to indulge her passion for music. After learning EC Radio was no longer active, Addae reached out to friends on campus to find out if any of the members were still active.

Addae and Hyburg connected in class. From there they researched and asked around about the previous EC Radio. They had essentially been left with nothing by their predecessors.

EC Radio’s former advisor left Emmanuel 2 years ago  to work at Wentworth, developing their station while EC Radio fizzled out. However there’s no rivalry there. Wentworth’s radio club provided EC Radio with a lot of the help they needed to get their club off the ground. Both Addae and Hyburg have stated that they would like to hold their club  to the standard of excellence that Wentworth has set.

Though they often found themselves taking one step forward only to take two steps back, Hyburg and Addae held meetings and gathered other interested members until the got the club back on its feet.

“We would be nothing without the executive board for this club,” Addae said. “They do a very good job of keeping everything in check.”

Going forward, both president and vice president have a vision for the future of the club.

“I want EC Radio to be a hub of culture. I want it to be a place where there’s diversity in ideas, music and information.” stated Addae.

He would also like his club to produce more shows which put other clubs on the spot. This would allow other clubs to collaborate with EC Radio and use their broadcast as a platform to get their message out there.

“[I want it to become] something that’s not just a club on campus, but something that’s really a part of the Emmanuel community,” Hyburg said.

She also expressed her future plans for an EC Radio event on campus, which she described as being similar to MTV Unplugged. The event would feature musicians from around the Colleges of the Fenway, coffee, and place for Emmanuel students to hang out.

The club meets once a week on Mondays, and is welcoming new members. Students who join will attend a twenty minute training session to ensure they are comfortable manning the radio equipment.

Both Addae and Hyburg expressed the desire for more diversity in their music genres. Most of their current shows feature alternative music. All ideas are welcome.

You can also find them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Gina Gallagher ’17 is a Staff Writer for The Hub. She can be reached at

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