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SGA Wrap Up: February 28, 2017

The Student Government Association (SGA) meeting held on February 28 was centered around major event requests and a presentation on the future Library Learning Commons.

The meeting began with Dr.Rissmeyer, Vice President of Student Affairs, giving her updates.

Next, the meeting moved to Club Spotlight, which featured Emmanuel College’s Sister for Sister.

They encourage everyone to follow them on their Twitter and Instagram.

Next was major event requests. H.U.E.L.L.A.S and Armenian Club were welcomed back after having their request for a trip to L.A. tabled until today’s meeting.

Their request of $8,726.12 was not approved last Tuesday because of conflicts with their cost per student and transportation once in California.

The two clubs also noted that they planned to stay in an Airbnb for the community aspect, however the SGA felt more comfortable with them staying in a Best Western.

Two motions were made, one to approve and one to deny funding. Another motion to vote by a show of hands was approved. Because the vote to deny funding was the most disruptive, the SGA voted on that motion first.

Next for requests were Emmanuel College’s Habitat for Humanity and Swim Club. The first group up was Habitat for Humanity.

The request was approved in full.

The request was approved in full.

Next up was a presentation from Karen Linitz, the Director of Academic Technology and Innovation, providing updates on the Library Learning Commons.

Next up, Eric Cote, Executive Vice President of the Student Government, presented the newest Constitution changes.

A motion to table the position until the next meeting was made and approved.

A motion to strike the committee from the Constitution was made and approved as well.

Sabrina Tessitore ’20 is a Staff Writer for The Hub. She can be contacted at and on Twitter @Sabrina_Tess

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