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“You” A Poem By JKZ

Two and a half years later, and every single day still feels the same. You told me you loved me and I threw it all away. I felt sadness in my heart and now I feel nothing. Everyone is the same as the last, everyone trying to be you. Oh can’t you see, we were never meant to be and in my dying heart, you are my last thought. People come and go, saying the same words, the same smile, they all do and want the same things. Every single day just feels the same. I haven’t changed much myself. I still want the same things and have the same desires. It was best we went our own ways. Unlike the love that everyone abuses, I’ve never felt love, for anyone but you. I’ve acclimated to the pain. I feel nothing in my heart and now I’m out of here. You’ll feel me in the air and notice me everywhere. We’ll move one with what we have, leaving our fates within our reach. This is how our story ends. You are the answer to all my fears. I’ll relive the same memories and move on with the same people, feeling the same way. And although everyday feels the same, you gave me the power to change.

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