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SGA Wrap Up: March 21, 2017

The Student Government Association (SGA) meeting held on March 21 focused on Constitution changes and the next EC Incoming in April.

The meeting began with the proposed position within the SGA, The Executive Representative of Diversity and Inclusion, that was tabled from before Spring Break.

Dan Darcy, the Associate Dean of Students and Director of Students Activities at Emmanuel College, began by reading a letter from Adrianna Durocher ’17. The Class of 2017 Secretary was unable to attend the meeting but wanted to voice her concerns about the position.

Durocher wrote in direct response to the idea of initiating this position, stating that she was “deeply disturbed” by it.

Durocher made it evident to the SGA in the letter that she believes the position is wrong and that it will not help the diversity being established on campus.

Dan Darcy made sure to address Durocher’s concerns completely to all of the members.

The Student Government decided by a show of hands to table the decision again until next Tuesday’s meeting.

Next up was a Major Event Request from Emmanuel College’s Political Forum.

The trip was approved in full.

Next, Dr. Patricia Rissmeyer, Vice President for Student Affairs, gave updates on April’s EC Incoming.

The issue discussed was where to have the EC Incoming event because the auditorium,the largest room available at Emmanuel, will be occupied.

Locations that were suggested were the Dining Hall, the floors of the Wilkens Science Center, and even the Cardinal Cushing Library.

As of this week’s meeting, a location was not chosen.

Next up Eric Cote, the Executive Vice President of the Student Government, presented the Student Government’s Constitution changes.

The meeting had finished with Class and Executive Updates.

Sabrina Tessitore ’20 is a Staff Writer for The Hub. She can be contacted at and on Twitter @Sabrina_Tess

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